Chelsea Transfer Rumours: 5 Reasons the Blues Should Forget About Hulk

Dan Renfro@danrenfroCorrespondent IIIJuly 17, 2012

Chelsea Transfer Rumours: 5 Reasons the Blues Should Forget About Hulk

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    Chelsea fans need to stop kidding themselves; Hulk is not what's best for the club.

    Sure, it seemed like Hulk would be a perfect fit on the right wing for Chelsea. He would join the team with Eden Hazard, and the two would change how football is played at Stamford Bridge.

    However, his transfer saga has dragged on, and it doesn't look like he's coming anytime soon. On June 1, Chelsea were "closing in" on a deal with Hulk (via ESPN). Then, on July 12, Hulk (through The Mirror) denied having any talks with Chelsea.

    Good riddance.

    Hulk is a good player, but Chelsea don't need him.

Oscar Is a Better Option

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    If Chelsea bought Hulk, they wouldn't be able to afford Oscar. Essentially, Roberto Di Matteo must choose between the two Brazilians.

    Hulk would make an immediate impact for the Blues, but Oscar is better for the long term. He could be at the centre of Chelsea's attack for a decade, and would dazzle fans and opponents alike.

    Hulk, on the other hand, would be forced to work on the outside. While Eden Hazard or Juan Mata would still be working magic in the middle, Chelsea's attack wouldn't have as much flair. Furthermore, wingers come along a dime a dozen, whereas great creative midfielders are rare.

    Granted, Oscar may not pan out, but he certainly looks great. If Chelsea can bring him in, they need to do it and forget about Hulk.

Ramires Has Proven Himself on the Wing

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    It's not like Chelsea desperately need a winger.

    Ramires proved last year that he can play on the wing against the best teams in the world. In the Champions League semifinal against Barcelona, he assisted the only goal in the first leg, and then scored the first goal in the second. Without him, Chelsea wouldn't have defeated the Catalans.

    At the beginning of the year, Andre Villas-Boas deployed Ramires in a holding midfield role. He did fine, but he didn't thrive like he did on the wing.

    Ramires is too good to be sitting on Chelsea's bench, and he's too dynamic to play a reserved midfield role. Chelsea need to forget about Hulk and keep Ramires flying down the wing.

Money Is Already Spent

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    If Chelsea don't buy Hulk, it won't be because Roman Abramovich is being stingy.

    The Blues have already brought in Eden Hazard and Marko Marin for nearly £40 million, and the club is poised to spend more. Obviously, winning two trophies adds a little extra money in the pocket, but Chelsea is heading for a record-spending summer.

    Bringing Hulk in for another £38 million would double Chelsea's spending so far. If Abramovich is ready to make that happen, so be it. To me, that seems like a luxury instead of a necessity.

Timing Is Bad

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    Given enough time, all great players can play together.

    With that said, Chelsea won't exactly have light years to prepare.

    Hulk will be playing in the Olympics until early August, and he might not report to the training ground until after the August 11 gold medal match. Chelsea's first English Premier League match is August 19.

    Either Chelsea would start a player that began training a week earlier, or be without a marquee signing. Chelsea might be able to beat Wigan Athletic without Hulk, but shouldn't the team be putting out its best XI for the first game of the season? Yes, yes it should.

    Given the Olympics and the time crunch before the season, bringing in Hulk wouldn't be optimal for the team's early-season performance.

Lineup Looks Good as It Is

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    Chelsea already have a pretty darn good lineup.

    Fernando Torres is up top, with either Romelu Lukaku or Daniel Sturridge as his backup (depending which one is still on the roster). Eden Hazard, Juan Mata and Ramires are in the attacking midfield, with Kevin De Bruyne, Marko Marin and possibly Josh McEachran as substitutes.

    With Frank Lampard, John Obi Mikel and Oriol Romeu (maybe Michael Essien?) playing the holding midfield, Chelsea's lineup already looks pretty full heading into the season.

    Hulk would only complicate things. He would clutter up the attack, or Ramires would move back to the holding midfield (limiting him) and clog that up. Regardless, Hulk would simply be too much.

    Roberto Di Matteo has a lineup good enough to beat anyone in Europe. Hulk would be an unnecessary luxury.