'Rampage' Jackson on Chael Sonnen: 'He Sucks... I Can't Stand That Boy'

Kyle SymesCorrespondent IIIJuly 16, 2012

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is one of the most colorful characters in MMA history. Never one to shy away from saying how he feels, Jackson is a walking quote machine. Jackson has attacked the UFC  over the past few months, but took a moment to share his thoughts on Chael Sonnen and to a lesser extent, Forrest Griffin.

Griffin and Jackson are no stranger to each other as the two men were opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter and fought each other in the main event of UFC 86. Griffin took the title from Jackson via a controversial decision, so it's no secret that Jackson isn't a big fan of Griffin.

When speaking of his former adversary Griffin, Jackson believes Tito Ortiz won the fight and called Griffin a "crybaby" for leaving the cage.

"Tito won. Even Forrest knew he won; that's why he ran out the cage like a little crybaby like he always do," he said.

Jackson's verbal barrage wasn't as short and to the point when discussing former middleweight title challenger Sonnen.

"He sucks," Jackson said.

The former light heavyweight champion also went on to suggest that Sonnen go "somewhere that people want to hear his interviews" and keep his word from the initial challenge Sonnen made to Silva. The original challenge as we all recall occurred following Sonnen's UFC 136 victory during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan in which Sonnen stated he would leave the UFC if he lost to Silva.

Sonnen not only lost to Silva but lost "horribly bad," according to Jackson.

"Ramapge" ended the video with a firm notion of just how he really feels about Sonnen.

"I can't stand that boy. F*** Chael."