Money in the Bank 2012: Did WWE Make the Right Call with the MITB Winners?

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 17, 2012

Photo Credit: WWE
Photo Credit: WWE

John Cena and Dolph Ziggler walked out of Money in the Bank 2012 with the coveted MITB briefcases.

Having Ziggler pull down the blue briefcase was a wise decision.  On the other hand, having Cena win the other was a lazy and predictable choice. 

In both cases, WWE went with the more obvious option, unwilling to go with an unproven commodity like Damien Sandow or a part-time legend like Chris Jericho.  Did they make the right moves? 


John Cena

Fans could see Cena's Money in the Bank ladder match win coming as soon as he was announced to be in it.  By going with the Attitude Adjuster, WWE played it safe. 

In this case, safe means boring.

Money in the Bank has historically offered rising stars a shot to break into the world title picture.  Cena obviously doesn't need a contract to do that.

Awarding him an opportunity for the WWE Championship doesn't have the excitement that the contract-filled briefcase usually does.

It's also a waste of a spot.  

Putting only former WWE champs in the MITB match let out some of the air of the match to begin with.  

It limited WWE's options.  Choosing the clear favorite to win was the risk-free, non-exciting option. 

WWE is once again leaning on their most dependable wrestler in terms of marketing.

Going with a surprise winner such as Kane would have shocked the crowd and made for a more titillating story.  Instead, Cena winning is like having Goliath squash another victim under his feet. 


Dolph Ziggler

Some fans were rooting for Tyson Kidd to pull off the upset, but he didn't need to win to showcase his skills.  Just being in the match was a sign of good things to come for him and his performance could help expand his fanbase. 

As for Ziggler, his time has come.

While not exactly surprising, a win by The Show Off puts him on the upward track so many fans have wished to see him on. 

Being the most ready for the limelight, he was the only realistic choice.

His ring skills are among the best in WWE and his showmanship is top-notch.

Ziggler's recently had some championship shots and has failed to win any of them.  In terms of storyline, he's struggling to get over the hump. 

The MITB contract is the perfect way to allow him to make the final steps up the WWE mountain. 

He should cash in especially deviously.  That way, he can follow in Edge's footsteps and elevate his status to that of a top heel.  Edge waited until Cena was bloodied and beaten in the Elimination Chamber before he pounced.

When will Ziggler strike?

Waiting to see when he preys on the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, or whoever it may be, will make for great television.