Who Will Earn The RIght?

S. CoeContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

With Wrestlemania 25 on the horizon there is one question sure to be on everyone's mind. Will the Undertaker continue his Wrestlemania winning streak which currently stands at 16-0?

As seen on Monday Night Raw 2/16/2009, JBL announced that it would be he who would end Undertaker's undeafeted streak at Wrestlemania 25 and prove to us all that he is the best wrestler ever. Shawn Michaels, on the other hand, saw a flaw in that plan, believing that he would be a more worthy competitor for Undertaker.

JBL's former employee, Shawn Michaels, made his way to the ring to present a challenge to JBL. A match next week on Monday Night Raw, the winner earning the right to challenge Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25.

Will the winner of the match for the right to challenge Undertaker at WM25 prove to be the best wrestler ever, or will he fall to the depths of hell for even thinking such a thing?