Phil Jackson Interested in Joining Blazers in Non-Coaching Capacity

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2012

Phil Jackson may be back in the NBA for the 2012-13 season.

Jason Quick of The Oregonian is reporting that a source close to the 66-year-old believes he is willing to join the Portland Trail Blazers in a role that doesn’t involve coaching. 

The source thinks Jackson can still provide a lot to the club without patrolling the bench (via The Oregonian):

Phil would be interested in talking about a possible role in the organization. My sense is there is a lot Phil can offer by being there, be it handling players, advising trade scenarios, managing coaching staff ... I think he would be a tremendous adviser to the owner.

Owner Paul Allen has yet to comment on Jackson, and the team hasn’t reached out to him, according to the report.

While Blazers fans may already be dreaming of a scenario where Jackson regains the itch and decides to coach, the source close to Jackson believes that won’t be happening (via The Oregonian):

We told them he didn’t want to be head coach, but that we had interest in Phil speaking with Paul. Is that door still open? That’s up to Paul Allen. But Phil is open to a conversation.

The ball is now in Allen’s court, and it will be an interesting development in the next few days to see if a conversation between the two will be conducted. It would appear that Jackson gave this "source" permission to leak the information in a clear attempt to grab the attention of Portland.

Anytime you can get a man who has won 11 NBA championships to work for your organization, you have to do it. Then again, how much does Jackson know about scouting and working in the personnel department?

That’s the question Portland will be asking if it does decide to sit down with the Zen Master.