NFL Salary Cap: So Much Cash, So Few Options

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IMarch 11, 2008

Just cruising the 'net and stumbled across Jason Cole's article on Yahoo! Sports about the NFL's salary cap increase. 

It totally slipped my mind that there was another increase in the cap this year.

Last year, the first year of the new agreement between the league and the union, the cap per team was $109 million with a floor of approximately $81 million.

This year, the cap is up to $116 million, but the formula for the floor has changed, making it $98 million for 2008. 

The cap is rising in scale with the rising revenues, but teams are finding it difficult to spend this newly found cash.

Every team, even the Arizona Cardinals, are significantly under the cap. The average cap space per team is approximately $15 million.  

They all will have to come up to the floor number, but how?  Who's left to sign?

Well, rookies, minor free agents and draft choices will gobble up the rest of some team's cap, but what if you're Tampa Bay, New Orleans or Kansas City? 

All three are $30 million or better under the cap.  Tampa Bay is $42.8 million under to be exact.

How can the NFL force them to spend if they've filled all of their needs?

Too much money with not enough talent to spend it on!! 

Who thought it would come to this?