Time Is Running Out For The Panthers

Christopher BurchCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

What's up Panther Nation? Well, as you all know the Carolina Panthers are facing a huge dilemma on who they will place a Franchise Tag on, it is apparent that Julius Peppers want out of Carolina but Jordan Gross wants to stay.

The only way Gross can stay a Panther is if he get's Tagged or signs a new contract, the Panthers have until 4pm Thursday to reach an agreement with Jordan Gross. If Carolina places the franchise tag on Julius Peppers then it will be more likely they will trade him, hopefully for a first rounder or some draft picks. Now if they tag Jordan Gross, Carolina will let Julius, walk out of Carolina without getting anything in return which will be pointless.  

Tell me what you think Carolina should do if you were the GM. Send emails to cburch78@yahoo.com or just post your comments.