NBA Trade Rumors: Best Replacements for Rip Hamilton If Bulls Move Veteran SG

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistJuly 17, 2012

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 01:  Richard Hamilton #32 of the Chicago Bulls tries to get off a a shot against Spencer Hawes #00 of the Philadelphia 76ers in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2012 NBA Playoffs at the United Center on May 1, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. The 76ers defeated the Bulls 109-92. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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The Chicago Bulls are looking to make another move this offseason, potentially shipping off last year's big free-agent acquisition. 

According to the Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson, Chicago is shopping around Rip Hamilton and seeing what his $5 million expiring contract can get them. 

Rip's first season with the Bulls was largely disappointing as he failed to make any sort of big impact and fought through injuries all year long. 

Whether the trading efforts are successful or not, Chicago needs to look elsewhere for a shooting guard. Here are its best options. 


3. Shannon Brown

Of the options listed in this article, Shannon Brown is the least intriguing of the bunch. Even though he's spent six years in the NBA now, the shooting guard is much more of an athlete playing basketball than a basketball player with elite athleticism. 

While Brown is an insane dunker and a solid defender, he's still not much more than a backup shooting guard. He's certainly not of starting caliber in the long run. 

Plus, his strengths don't fit in with what the Bulls need. They need a scoring punch to make up for Derrick Rose's absence from the lineup and that's not what Brown brings to the table. 


2. Jimmy Butler

Another option would be handing over the reins to a player already on the roster: Jimmy Butler. 

During his first season out of Marquette, Butler wasn't given much of an opportunity and averaged just 2.6 points, 0.3 assists and 1.3 rebounds per game. Now, as a second-year player, he should be given more of an opportunity to succeed and complete his improbable rags-to-riches story. 

While he's a cheap choice to replace Rip, he also doesn't bring the excess scoring to the lineup. The only reason he's ranked ahead of Brown is the cost efficiency perspective. 

Butler is a defender first and foremost, using his size to wreak havoc on opposing wing players. He shouldn't be viewed as much more than a temporary stop-gap at the position. 

1. Courtney Lee

Unlike the previous two options in the rankings, Courtney Lee brings a lot of offense to the table. That offense has been hidden behind Kevin Martin as Lee has primarily been confined to the Houston Rockets' bench, but it does exist. 

Lee is a great athlete and a solid shooter from the perimeter, making over 40 percent of his 4.4 attempts per game from behind the three-point arc last season. He struggles with the ball in his hands when he's asked to create for himself, but we're not exactly looking for the perfect offensive player here. 

With his perimeter game and solid defensive play, Lee fits perfectly into Tom Thibodeau's two-way system.