BR5: Michael Phelps, LeBron James and the Top 5 Reasons to Watch the Olympics

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With the Olympic Games right around the corner, what better time than now to get ready for the most hotly anticipated event of the year featuring the world’s greatest athletes? Here, politics, economy and world conflict take a back seat, as it's all about the Games. So, here are our top-five reasons to watch…

In at No. 5 is Michael Phelps. He’s already an Olympic god with 16 medals—14 of them gold—and he’s probably going to bring back a handful more this time. But, keep an eye out for fellow American Ryan Lochte, as he’s predicted to take a few home himself.

At No. 4 is Melissa (Missy) Franklin. Franklin is often compared to Michael Phelps due to her unique swimming frame and the fact that she has super huge hands and feet to help propel her through the water.

In at No. 3 is the U.S. women’s gymnastics team. Ever since the “Magnificent Seven” squad of the 1996 Olympics, Americans just can’t seem to get enough of this sport. This year, look out for Jordyn Wieber to lead the team and stick those landings.

The No. 2 reason to watch is the USA men's basketball team. We’ve been through the “Dream Team" and the “Redeem Team," but this squad will be forced to forge their own identity. And, facing stiff competition like Spain with the Gasol brothers, this team will definitely be tested along the way.

And, the No. 1 reason to watch is the opening ceremonies.  What other kickoff to a major sporting event draws four million viewers and 15,000 participants? There’s a reason Vegas puts odds on everything from what color the Queen’s hat will be to whether a UFO will appear. With that in mind, we’re betting that you’ll tune in and check it out.

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