Women's MMA Fight Ends Quickly with 5-Second Knockout Punch

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Five seconds is all Veronica Rothenhausler needs to cave in a perfectly fine face. 

Yahoo Sports gives more information on a video that features a brief moment of excellence, at least from the victor, Rothenhausler. 

The video comes from the recent Tuff-n-Uff bout and is only the third fight for Rothenhausler. The last time she fought, she decimated Noelle Cherry in, you guessed it, five seconds. 

As for the unfortunate loser in this bout, Ashlee Evans-Smith will think twice next time she scoffs at touching gloves before the round starts. 

Had she just given a little dap, this fight may have lasted seven seconds. 

In just her third bout, Rothenhausler seemed to ask Evans-Smith if she wanted to touch gloves before the fight. 

Her opponent declined, wanting get on with the clash. That might be the only explanation for allowing face to meet fist so abruptly. 

Evans-Smith immediately went to the ground following a brief combo from Rothenhausler, and the official called off the fight before anyone lost their breath. 

Her next opponent may not need any endurance training, because the fight should be over before anyone breaks a sweat. 

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