RACJ Not Backing Down? UFC 97 Moving To Vegas?

Gary WhittakerCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

The current set of rumors involve statements from people inside Anderson Silva's camp (working for Sinister, the clothing company owned by Silva's manager) about a possible move of UFC 97 from Montreal to Las Vegas.

This is pure speculation at this point and has not been confirmed by anyone directly involved in the conversations. However, our attempts to get an interview with Dana White where turned down.

With XMMA 7: INFERNO happening on Feb. 27, and Warrior 1's debut promotion starting a month later, MMA fans need to show their support by packing the arena to let the RACJ know that MMA is alive and well in this province.

In addition, XMMA will be making a formal petition available at the show, which will be delivered to RACJ officials on location that night. The support of our own online petition has been phenomenal, but we need to do more to attract the attention of the mainstream media.

We urge you to take only a few minutes to sign our petition and even email your local newspapers and TV stations, letting them know about your support for MMA.

People against the sport have taken the time, so please, continue to show that the fans of MMA are passionate, knowledgeable people that want to see the sport grow in Quebec and around the world.