Miss South Carolina Winner Thinks Tebowing Is Still Cool

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 16, 2012

Every fad has a shelf life, and this Miss South Carolina Teen winner managed to take a big heaping bite of outdated Tebowing. 

We bring you a video spotted over at Y1025.com, which features an exuberant Rachel Wyatt dropping to one knee and providing the most over-used gesture in American pop culture. 

Yes, she Tebowed, and managed to harness something that died roughly five months ago, and that's being generous. 

Before you all get your tighty-whities in a bunch, let me explain that I have nothing against Tim Tebow the man, merely the need for people to drop to one knee and hope for a laugh. 

Please, for the love of Tebow, make it stop. The more you Tebow, the lamer the actual man begins to look. 

Tebowing joins the Macarena, YMCA and pogs as things that don't need to be enjoyed ever again. 

WSPA reports the 17-year old Wyatt, who attends Piedmont High School, won the talent portion for her dance performance to "The Climb."

So basically, she is better and more creative than sinking so low. 

Please help me in stopping the rampant spread of people who still consider it a good idea to Tebow. They are easy to spot, which is the only bit of good news in this story. 

Look for the person who is still wearing deep-v t-shirts or happens to be from South Carolina. The minute something exciting happens, they will start to drop to one knee. You have my permission to tackle them. 


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