Who Will Be Alabama's Next Basketball Coach?

MARK HERRENContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

When the name "Alabama" is mentioned in a basketball conversation, the names Robert Horry, Latrell Sprewell, Gerald Wallace, and Mo Williams come to mind.

These are the current NBA players that were coached by former head coach Mark Gottfried at Alabama. Now that Gottfried has resigned at Alabama, there are great speculations that the new head coach could be Tubby Smith (Minnesota) or Mike Anderson (Missouri).

These are only on a wish list put together by the Alabama Faithful. These are current successful head coaches with that winning attitude branded into their philosophy. That is what the administration at Alabama is looking for in their next head coach as well. I feel that these coaches will be renegotiated by their current schools and re-signed to new contracts because of success!

The next head coach at Alabama will step forward when the timing is right for him.  He might not be the one that has even been thought of as a candidate. During the downhill phase of the season and trying to make the NCAA Tournament is not the right time to be thinking about change.

I think Alabama is very patient with whoever that next coach will be because of that focus and respect, and in hopes that these goals will be in every coach's mind at this point in a season.

Quality is what the Alabama season ticket holders want to see in the next head coach. People sitting in the seats want to see discipline and passion toward the players during a game, whether they are ahead by 20 points or behind by 20 points. It should not matter about the situation.

I am very patient and confident with the ongoing search and hope that all Bama fans are too.