WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Final Thoughts

Pedro SuarezCorrespondent IIIJuly 16, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Now that we've seen Money in the Bank 2012, there are a lot of mixed reactions.

Some people simply loved it. Others thought it was a terrible Pay-Per-View. Some thought only certain matches were good.

And a good portion of people felt that even with a few solid matches, it just wasn't PPV material.

I'm conflicted.

The Money in the Bank ladder matches didn't really have the usual flare associated with them. There were more than a handful of botched spots.

And yet, Dolph Ziggler won; which is long overdue. But then, later that night, he looked like a complete fool in his attempt against Sheamus. 

Which, in my mind, means one of two things: Ziggler will be unsuccessful in his attempts to dethrone the World Heavyweight Champion or Ziggler will wait a long time to try and cash in his contract again.

Regardless of your opinion of Sheamus, he had a good match with Del Rio. Period. At this point, I'm happy to get that.

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk had a great match. But as I expected, WWE is going to drag out AJ's involvement until SummerSlam, unless WWE completely kills this storyline for no reason; which they have been known to do in the past.

John Cena won the MITB ladder match. What a surprise? I don't even want to talk about it because everyone knew this was going to happen.

I am not a fan of John Cena, but a strong word of advice to the so-called Cena haters: Stop giving so much attention to Cena. Cena haters make Cena relevant by hating on him so much. The best way to drive attention away from Cena is to ignore him.

Continuing on, the match itself was okay at best.

The addition of the Miz turned out to be pointless. I don't remember that he did anything significant in the match. The highlight for me was that sick lion tamer by Jericho on the Miz.

I was really entertained by the Prime Time Players. Unfortunately, they lost cleanly, but I enjoyed myself.

For all those commenting that the No. 1 contenders shouldn't have lost, I want to remind you that back in tag team glory days, Edge & Christian, the Hardys and the Dudleys went back and forth constantly. That never damaged their legitimacy.

How can the tag team division be developed if the Prime Time Players are the only strong tag team that can possibly dethrone Kingston and R-Truth?

The divas match was good, although I agree with many who have stated that it suffered from no build.

Did anyone else notice that Money in the Bank didn't fill the entire three hours? It ended about 10 minutes before 11 p.m. I found that odd.

But it also showed us something important. The WWE may have forgotten how to put on a three hour Pay-Per-View with just pure wrestling.

With only four announced matches, is this WWE's new strategy on being unpredictable? By simply not announcing matches and inserting contenders last minute?

I want to be optimistic, but I have a bad feeling at the pit of my stomach.