Christian and Tensai Are the Unsung Heroes of WWE Money in the Bank

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIJuly 16, 2012

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Dolph Ziggler has rightfully taken all the plaudits for his epic performance in the pay-per-views' first Money in the Bank match, but the match would not have been nearly as good without the fundamentals displayed by Christian and Tensai.

Most people expected Christian to put together a quality performance, yet the veteran went one step further and ran the Money in the Bank match like a general marshalling his troops.

Whenever someone was not in the right place or something had not gone to plan, Christian was there to mop up the situation and link the next spot together. This was vital with so many young superstars—at least in the terms of big-match experience—in the match.

Even Christian's high spots were giving, such as the missed frog splash which forced Captain Charisma to bounce off his ribs so that others could get a positive reaction. 

This was a great, understated performance by Christian.

There is far less confidence in Tensai, who, since returning from Japan after WrestleMania, has been given a lot of criticism for his in-ring work. At Money in the Bank, Tensai became a vital cog in the working of the match.

With so many competitors squashed into the one match, the night's first Money in the Bank match became very messy when too many men were involved. Tensai coming into the ring and dominating for a short time was the ideal way to break up the action so each performer had a little time and space to work in.

Another aspect of Tensai's work that should be praised was his awareness—something that others clearly struggled with at other stages. Tensai appeared to deliver when he was needed and kept out of the way—like at the end of the match—when he wasn't.

Even the one mistake Tensai made when he dropped Santino from the powerbomb position was quickly and efficiently sorted out.

Tensai may not have been the flashiest competitor involved, but there should be no doubt that he was a key worker for the match's smooth running.

Both men will be overlooked by most, but those who appreciate the artistry of a wrestling match should tip their hats to these two superstars.