Tampa Bay Buccaneers: What Do They Get for $40 Million?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IJuly 16, 2012

Vincent Jackson is the highest-paid Buccaneer in 2012.
Vincent Jackson is the highest-paid Buccaneer in 2012.Harry How/Getty Images

By now you know about the record-setting contract Drew Brees signed last week.

One-hundred m-m-m-million dollars!

He'll pocket $40 million in 2012, with a $37 million signing bonus and a $3 million base.

Let's have some fun and see what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get for $40 million this season. After a quick visit to rotoworld.com to check out contract details, we present you with this player menu for your Tampa Bay Buccaneers:


Carl Nicks: $6 million reporting bonus, $6.5 million base ($12.5 million in total)

Vincent Jackson: $2 million reporting bonus, $11 million base ($13 million in total)

Josh Freeman: $6.585 million

Donald Penn: $5.1 million

LeGarrett Blount and Mike Williams: $1.03 million (COMBINED!)

Doug Martin: $1.23 million

Arrelious Benn: $490,000


Add it up, and the total for those eight offensive stars is $39.93 million. There's still a good chunk of change left over for the team's Christmas party.

Jackson is the team's highest-paid player in 2012, Carl Nicks is second.

Now, if you really want to go mind-boggling, Brees will out-earn the entire Buccaneers starting defense this year.

Your highest paid defensive starters are Gerald McCoy, at $6.54 million, and Eric Wright, at $7.75 million.

The rest are as follows:


Adrian Clayborn: $1.12 million

Brian Price: $490,000

Michael Bennett: $2.74 million

Quincy Black: $5.5 million

Mason Foster: $501,000

Lavonte David: $1.354 million (base and $964,896 signing bonus)

Aqib Talib: $1.852 million

Ronde Barber: $3 million

Mark Barron: $3.5 million (**Barron hasn't signed, this is an estimate of the most he might earn this season. It will probably be less).


The total for the starting Buccaneers defense is $34.44 million.

Drew Brees: $40 million. Buc Defense: Less than $35.

Amazing, isn't it? 


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