New York Rangers, Can They Make the Playoffs?

Greg ScarazziniContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

The New York Rangers had one of the best starts in franchise history at the start of the 2008-2009 season, but are now in danger of a missing a playoff birth.

The Rangers have lost their last three games, and have missed their chance to get six critical points. The Eastern Conference is very tight, so every point is crucial. The Rangers are tied with three other teams with 66 points thus far, and are currently eighth in the conference. But a win tonight against the Islanders could push them to fifth.

The problem with the Rangers, as of late, is scoring. Goaltending and defense have been average, and they can only get the team so far. If the Rangers can't score, they're not going to win games.

The Rangers need a pure-goal scorer like Ilya Kovalchuk, currently of the Atlanta Thrashers. If the Rangers were to obtain him, they might improve and get back to winning. However, they would have to make a huge deal to get him by the trade deadline, or wait until free agency.

Regardless of the situation, the Rangers need a new face on the team; someone that will provide leadership and can push them into the playoffs.

The way things are going with the team and management however, it doesn't seem likely they will make the playoffs, or have a legitimate shot at the Stanley Cup. At this point in the season, fans can only watch and hope the Rangers improve, or they're going to have to start all over again next year.

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