Student-Athletes Face Economic Fire

Andrew NasonContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

To tell the truth, the worsening economy has done more than make gas prices go up. It's prompted school boards cut their athletic budgets.

Recently, some central Florida school boards have debated whether or not to take away athletics.

This is a major problem and here is why.

If Psycho T (Tyler Hansbrough) had not had middle school basketball or high school basketball, do you think he would be where he is today? How about Michael Jordan? Magic Johnson? Larry Bird?

The next basketball legend is somewhere out there and if we don't have school athletics, the next somebody out there won't realize it. Will they?

Same with football. Most stars break records and get college scholarships when college coaches recruit them in high school. If there are no athletics in high school, where will the scouts find their talent? Not in high school.

The next superstar is out there, and if we don't have middle or high school athletics to help them along, college and pro sports are going downhill. Fast.

Editor's note: This is my first article. Please don't kill me if this seems bad to the majority of you. Thank you.