WWE Money in the Bank Results: How Did It Compare to Other 2012 PPVs so Far?

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIJuly 16, 2012

WWE Money in the Bank Results: How Did It Compare to Other 2012 PPVs so Far?

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    With Money in the Bank complete, WWE fans have been treated to seven pay-per-views so far in 2012. And while MITB was a decent show, it wasn't even close to being the best of the year.

    As a refresher, here are the PPVs in order: Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania, Extreme Rules, Over the Limit, No Way Out and Money in the Bank.

    So it wasn't the greatest, but where does it rank?

No. 7: No Way Out

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    No Way Out started with a surprisingly decent pre-show match between David Otunga and Brodus Clay—that is, until Otunga counted himself out.

    Dolph Ziggler earned a legitimate shot at Sheamus and the World Heavyweight Championship. He performed well, but it seemed too obvious that he stood no chance as the match was featured first.

    There was a tuxedo match. I will leave it at that.

    Christian defeated Cody Rhodes for the second time and the feud ended.

    There was an unannounced four team tag match between The Usos, Prime Time Players, Epico and Primo and Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. The match was surprisingly very good. It was full of impacting, acrobatic spots and saw several double team maneuvers. The end saw a swerve in which A.W. turned on Epico and Primo to join PTP. It was a necessary addition for a result that otherwise would have been too easy to see coming.

    Layla beat Beth Phoenix for the millionth time.

    Sin Cara wrestled Hunico for the millionth time.

    Ryback squashed two locals for the millionth time.

    The WWE Championship feud between CM Punk (c) and Daniel Bryan saw Kane added to the mix. Many were worried it would take away from the potential Bryan and Punk had to produce a phenomenal match. Even with Kane, the match was quality.

    Furthermore, No Way Out was the first PPV in which A.J. truly delved into the crazy chick persona.

    John Cena successfully exited a cage to conquer The Big Show.

    For the most part, the match was slow and somewhat boring. The repercussions of John Laurinaitis being fired due to the result was the biggest aspect of the match.

No. 6: Extreme Rules

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    Kane and Randy Orton kicked things off in a hardcore rematch which was much better than their WrestleMania match. Extreme Rules suited this feud.

    Brodus Clay beat Dolph Ziggler.

    Cody Rhodes won the Intercontinental Championship from Big Show on a technicality and received a chokeslam through a table as a reward.

    In what had huge potential, Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan in a best-of-three falls match after Bryan carried most of it.

    Ryback started his PPV squash streak.

    CM Punk squared off with Chris Jericho for a second time, this time in a Chicago Street Fight. The stipulation may have been different but the journey and result were still awesome.

    Layla made her triumphant return.

    Brock Lesnar returned to the ring after an eight-year hiatus and destroyed John Cena. Cena still won.

    He then cut one of the oddest promos in recent history, hinting at being injured and taking time off.

    He hasn't done it.

No. 5: Over the Limit

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    The PPV opened with Zack Ryder looking for revenge on Kane for weeks of cruelty earlier in the year. He didn't get it.

    A 20-man battle royale was announced with the winner earning a shot at either the Intercontinental title or the United States title.

    Christian made a surprise return and shocked many by winning.

    The match was filled with mostly low-card talent.

    Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler took on tag team champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth for what felt like the 12th time in two months. They lost—again.

    Layla proved she wasn't just a one-and-done champion by defeating Beth Phoenix.

    After Alberto Del Rio versus Sheamus couldn't catch much interest, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton were added to the fray.

    The bigger names made it better.

    In one of the more unpredictable matches of the year, Sheamus was still able to retain his belt.

    Christian continued to surprise fans by capping off his return with a win over Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes.

    The match was very good.

    CM Punk and Daniel Bryan met for the first time. After a highly technical match, Punk retained—barely. After scoring the pinfall, he immediately tapped out.

    The match left the WWE Universe thirsting for more.

    The PPV unfortunately went sour quickly afterwards. Ryback squashed two locals before John Cena dominated John Laurinaitis.

    The show ended with Big Show making an unsurprising return as a heel.

No. 4: Money in the Bank

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    Money in the Bank began with the World Heavyweight Championship MITB ladder match.

    The match went on exactly as expected.

    Tensai was there to provide big power spots. Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd were the high-flyers. Damien Sandow didn't do much of anything. Santino Marella was added for comedy.

    Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and Christian were the best performers and showed why.

    In the end—after way too many botched moves by everyone—Ziggler won it.

    It had to be him or Rhodes.

    Ziggler will now face Sheamus for the seventh or eighth time in two months.

    Sheamus defended his WHC title against Alberto Del Rio in a match that could have been featured on SmackDown.

    The highlight was Ziggler's attempt to cash-in the briefcase won in the match prior, only to be stopped by a Brogue Kick.

    It was somewhat unique.

    I just hope now Ziggler doesn't lose his cash-in—he shouldn't since the bell didn't ring.

    Epico and Primo pulled off an upset against No. 1 contenders Prime Time Players. These two teams should continue to build the tag team division as both are quality teams.

    Rosa Mendes helps Epico and Primo greatly.

    Unfortunately, the actual tag team titles or champions weren't even featured on the card. They were in the pre-show. The move makes no sense.

    Fans saw another chapter in the Daniel Bryan-CM Punk feud.

    This time the stipulation was no disqualification and A.J. was the guest referee.

    The bout was much less technical and much more brutal then their previous fights. Luckily, A.J. had little impact (the right move). Though, the love-triangle angle hasn't been answered.

    Ryback finally got some decent opponents. He still won.

    The Divas Championship wasn't on the line, but what's a PPV without the divas?

    The good news: fans saw Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn and Natalya receive some ring time. Even Eve wrestled. It was a change of pace from the Beth Phoenix and Layla matches.

    The bad news: It was your standard divas match that still ended with Layla besting Phoenix.

    The Miz made a surprise return and entered the WWE Championship MITB match.

    It wasn't that bad of a match. The concept of former champions duking it out for another shot was different and they each played a fair sized part.

    Johh Cena won in odd fashion as the cable broke and the briefcase seemed to fall into his hands.

    In the end though, everyone expected to win did.

No. 3: Elimination Chamber

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    The February PPV started off with a bang.

    The WWE Championship was on the line as CM Punk looked to retain against Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth in an elimination chamber.

    The six participants were perfectly suited for each other.

    It was fast-moving and full of quick spots with a few high-flying acrobatics.

    Tamina Snuka landed a Supafly Splash on Beth Phoenix and didn't win.

    The Big Show dominated most of the World Heavyweight Championship elimination chamber match before being eliminated by Cody Rhodes.

    Fans must have had deja vu when, after Big Show was eliminated, Wade Barrett dominated until Santino Marella earned a sneaky pinfall.

    Marella almost pulled off a win too.

    The best part of this match was what Show was able to do to Daniel Bryan while Bryan waited in his chamber.

    John Cena vs. Kane: Round Two headlined.

    The two went at it in predictable fashion, with Kane maintaining the upper hand and Cena overcoming. At one point Cena was chokeslammed (botch) through the announcer table.

    It had massive potential, but fell short.

No. 2: Royal Rumble

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    The 2012 PPV circuit officially opened with a World Heavyweight Championship match between Daniel Bryan (c), The Big Show and Mark Henry in a steel cage.

    The majority saw Show slamming Bryan around.

    In the end, the little guy escaped the two giants and retained his title.

    Eight divas battled. That is all.

    After 10 minutes of a quality match between Kane and John Cena, the two were counted out. Luckily, neither seemed to care as they continued pummeling each other.

    Dolph Ziggler challenged CM Punk for the WWE Championship in a very fast paced match that saw Punk retain.

    Brodus Clay performed a squash before it was on to the main event of the night—the Royal Rumble.

    The Rumble was fantastic.

    Justin Gabriel, Primo and R-Truth dazzled early. Superstars Mick Foley, Jim Duggan and Road Dogg returned. Then there was Kofi Kingston.

    Oh Kofi.

    Kingston pulled off one of the most unique moments in Rumble history, nearly eliminated, but handstand walking to safety.

    Even Kharma got involved.

    The rest was history as The Big Show and Chris Jericho essentially cleared the ring for Sheamus before the Great White was the final man standing.

    Royal Rumble was a great way to start 2012.

No. 1: WrestleMania

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    WrestleMania—the biggest wrestling pay-per-view of the year—started off with controversy.

    Challenger Sheamus defeated World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds.

    Some applauded the surprise. Others despised the move.

    Kane and Randy Orton put on an average match. So did Big Show and Cody Rhodes.

    The Undertaker increased his undefeated streak to 20 in a match of the year contender with Triple H.

    The short reign of People Power began.

    CM Punk kept his WWE Championship after submitting Chris Jericho. The match was hyped to be the second coming of Randy Savage versus Ricky Steamboat.

    It wasn't, but with such high expectations it would have been difficult to match that quality.

    The Rock defeated John Cena in a match of yesterday versus today that seemed to really split fans down the middle in terms of who they were siding with.

    All in all, it was a great WrestleMania.


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    Did you notice that the PPVs with prestige, big names and match themes appeared to do better?

    WrestleMania and Royal Rumble were great. Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank were good. Extreme Rules, Over the Limit and No Way Out were average.

    Using this to predict where SummerSlam will place, I'm going to guess it will be below Royal Rumble, but above Extreme Rules.

    Which one was your favorite PPV so far?