WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results: AJ's Waffling, Now Available for $49.99

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJuly 15, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Not too long ago, I stated, rather controversially, that AJ's crazy angle may have peaked given her continued indecisiveness leading to heelish behavior that ruined the ambiguity of her love for both Bryan and Punk. 

While it may have been a bit harsh to use the word "peaked," AJ's inactivity as special guest referee during Sunday's WWE Championship match was the antithesis of the payoff that fans hoped to see after months of going back and forth. 

The match was pay-per-view quality, yet the angle that made it pop may as well have been on RAW.  AJ simply called the match down the middle while continuing to fawn for attention in a manner that only made her less desirable as a potential prize.

I have long since said that the crazy-chick angle was better served being paid off at SummerSlam, but the fact that nothing new came of the angle after weeks of buildup is a raw deal for paying customers, to say the least. 

With all eyes on AJ, who stood idly by while Punk won WWE Championship, the statute of limitations for AJ to choose Bryan or Punk seems to have come and gone.  

Many have suggested that this is a perfect platform to bring in a mystery third WWE superstar as AJ's love interest.  Dean Ambrose has been suggested by some, including my B/R colleague, Justin LaBar, during our wildly popular debates. 

However, with fans' emotional investment being solely dedicated to Bryan and Punk as AJ's potential choices over the past several weeks, to introduce a WWE superstar out of left field (not to mention somebody who most fans haven't heard of) as the ultimate payoff would have to be considered a letdown.

After a season-long buildup of CBS's iconic "Who Shot J.R.?" angle from the legendary show Dallas, the assailant was not revealed to be a relative unknown, but rather a character with a legitimate motive who was integrated into the fabric of a compelling storyline. 

AJ's post-match facial expressions suggested that she was none too pleased with CM Punk's indifference towards her presence after a big win.  It appears as if the WWE will now forgo any payoff in favor of a story of a woman scorned as a jilted AJ seeks revenge. 

Should this be the direction that the WWE goes, maybe the introduction of a new suitor would make more sense.


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