UFC 97 Updates

Nate DoubleAnalyst IFebruary 18, 2009

UFC 97 is still scheduled to take place in Montreal Quebec but the UFC isn't putting all their eggs in one basket as they've reserved the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV for the night as well.

While the UFC brass is staying positive and appear confident that UFC 97 will go on as scheduled and under the unified rules of MMA reserving the MGM is a smart move.

Dana White will not be part of the meetings with the regulatory officials in Quebec as was previously reported as he is headed to London to get ready and promote Saturday's UFC 95 event.  Instead UFC VP Marc Ratner and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta will plead their case instead.

White has however commented on the meeting and called into question the logic of Quebec officials who are risking an economic boost of $12-15 million to the local economy.  While I'm sure the hotels, restaurants, and bars would agree with White don't expect officials to concede for that reason alone.  "Safety issues", are the reason the officials are sticking to their guns.

UFC 97 has already sold out with 22,000 tickets sold.  The majority of tickets were bought by individual fans rather than casinos which buy blocks of tickets for their customers for the Las Vegas events.

If the Quebec officials remain stead fast that the event must be held under their rules or a modified version of the unified rules UFC 97 will not be taking place in Montreal.  The company had has made it clear that even though they're willing to talk to the commission, its their way or the highway.