Dwight Howard: Breaking Down the Latest News and Opinion on D12

Alvaro Alfaro@@alverrroCorrespondent IIJuly 16, 2012

Dwight Howard: Breaking Down the Latest News and Opinion on D12

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    The Dwight Howard saga has been stretched out longer than the Freeza Saga and its also become more hated than the Twilight Saga.

    Since demanding a trade the day after the 2012 NBA Draft many trade rumors have swirled around the league. However, some rumors proved to be more speculation that actual fact. 

    First up Brooklyn. The Nets showed interest in D12 throughout the 2011-2012 campaign, but it wasn't until the offseason until serious trade talks took place. The Los Angeles Lakers also threw out offers with the hopes of swapping big men with the Orlando Magic. And lastly, the Houston Rockets offered a bounty of young players and draft picks in exchange for the six-time All-Star center.

    Follow along for a breakdown on the latest D12 trade proposals. 

Houston Rockets Trade Proposal

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    The Rockets have thrown caution to the wind in their quest to bring Howard to Houston.

    The team proposed a trade to the Magic even though there was no guarantee that Howard would stay with the team past the summer of 2013. D12 could easily dip out and sign with the team of his choosing after he plays out the last year of his contract, but the Rockets seem hell-bent on acquiring him anyway.  

    Houston has already put the wheels in motion for a possible trade. Last Friday the team used the amnesty provision on forward Luis Scola in order to give the Rockets an extra $21.6 million to its cap space. And with Scola out of the loop Houston can now take on some of the Magic's unwanted contracts. 

     According to Chad Ford and Marc Stein of ESPN.com,

    [The Rockets] are now able to absorb the contracts of Glen Davis, Jason Richardson and Chris Duhon—in addition to offering Orlando various combinations of future first-round draft picks and players drafted in the first round by Houston last month. [Jeremy Lamb, Royce White or Terrence Jones] 

    This trade is all about future potential, which is what the Magic are looking for in order to re-boot their franchise. 

Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers Deal

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    In a strange turn of event the Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers teamed and put together a package for Orlando's three-time Defensive Player of the Year.

     Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld.com stated, 

    The Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers have discussed a three-team deal...One scenario would send Howard to Los Angeles, Andrew Bynum to Cleveland and a package of picks and prospects to Orlando.

    The previous trade scenario from the Lakers would have sent Bynum to Orlando, but since there wasn't a firm guarantee that he would sign an extension the trade never materialized. The Cavaliers were also worried about Bynum which is why they pushed for more in this deal. 

     Sam Amico of FoxSportsOhio claimed,

    Latest reports suggest Cavs want picks in deal for Andrew Bynum. "He IS the pick," said opposing team exec. But Cavs want safety net in event Bynum bails after a year.

    As quickly as this trade appeared, it went away just as fast. Cleveland pushed too hard even though the team was getting a pretty sweet deal and as a result the deal died.


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    Superman has entered the booth with a Magic uniform for the last time. What jersey he comes out with next year is still a mystery. 

    Even though it would be hard to ignore a trade that would send Bynum to the Magic, his weariness to sign an extension is a huge red flag. He's a budding All-Star that would the fill Howard's void nicely, but unless he signs on for the long term the Magic shouldn't roll the dice on this trade. 

    Of all the rumored trades around the league the Rockets deal makes the most sense for Orlando moving forward.  Houston is not only willing to take on one of the Magic's bad contracts, but they're also going to send a combination of veteran players, future draft picks and the draft rights to Jeremy Lamb, Royce White or Terrence Jones.

    The Magic are never going to get another bona fide superstar in return for Howard. The next best thing is to gather up as many young players and draft picks as possible in order to mold another superstar for the future.