My Wrestling Heel to Face Changes WWE

Chad RobinsonCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

In my opinion there have not been enough major heel and face changes as of late. This reallly annoys me as some changes need to happen and only a blind bat could not see them.

1. Randy Orton although he is the best heel today is too well respectes by the fans as he is cheered by everyone in the arena besides the little kids. he could be like a Stone Cold who was that rebellious fan favourite.

2. John Cena is stale. Thr only people that cheer for him are litle kids who know nothing. Vince only leaves things the way they are because of Cenas merchandise sales. Cena could go back to being that thug who had a foul mouth and did what he wanted.

3. Triple H is the best heel in the history of the WWE, he becomes that guy you respect but cant stand seeing him win. The arrogant Triple H is more intimidating than a funny face character.