WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Sheamus Will Walk out of the PPV as World Champion

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJuly 15, 2012

Courtesy of WWE.COM
Courtesy of WWE.COM

In just a couple of hours, we will witness a battle for the World Heavyweight Championship between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio.

With most of the excitement focused on the marquee matches of the evening, this match has been overshadowed for the most part. I believe one thing to be true though: Sheamus will leave the PPV as champion once again.

Sheamus has reigned as the World Heavyweight Champion since WrestleMania. He has had an impressive reign and has dominated most of his opponents. He has never been in imminent danger of losing the championship.

Except for a few instances of Del Rio getting over on Sheamus, there hasn’t been a lot of heat on the side of Del Rio. In simple terms, nothing has happened so far to make me think that Sheamus will not defeat Del Rio tonight.

Alberto Del Rio is of himself an impressive competitor; a former World Champion in his own right. However, as of late, he has lost all sparkle. His character seems very stale and is no longer interesting.

Sheamus on the other hand has been very fun to watch. He is tough as nails in the ring and is not afraid to throw a punch.

You need only to look at the handprint on his opponent’s chest to see that Sheamus is not playing. In fact, Sheamus is there to fight.

I totally expect Ricardo Rodriguez to make his presence felt in the match. In the end though, I see Sheamus prevailing over Alberto Del Rio and walking out tonight as World Heavyweight Champion.

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