Fabio Borini's Venture to Liverpool Is Perfect Union for Both

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IJuly 15, 2012

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Talented young striker Fabio Borini is going to blossom with Liverpool, and he is going to take his new squad with him.

After completing his medical examination on Friday, Borini's transfer from AS Roma to Liverpool was complete. For a couple of reasons, this was a clear sign of a dawn of a new era for Liverpool.

Borini will ensure that with his talent, but this is also significant as he was manager Brendan Rodgers' first signing for Liverpool. It is no coincidence that Borini, 21, was his first. 

The pair have quite a history. They were paired in the Chelsea youth set up, and later when they were both with Swansea while Borini was shortly there on loan. He obviously has made an impact on Rodgers, and it is not surprising. 

In just nine games with Swansea, Borini netted six goals, which is not a shocking total given Borini's potent mix of skill and physicality.  

The familiarity of this relationship will ensure Borini's success at Liverpool. The youngster will have the comfort that comes with the familiar face and guiding hand, but that is not the biggest reason. 

Rodgers knows firsthand what Borini's strengths are and how best to utilize them. He obviously has a plan on how to use him, and a vision for how he can succeed. 

Borini will be arriving to Liverpool with a clear role, one that is tailor-made to suit his game. He will be put in a spot where he can showcase his talents and limit his weaknesses as his game continues to mature. 

This is an ideal situation for both parties.