WWE's 24th Episode of "Are You Serious?" Mocks the IWC

Agent GreenCorrespondent IIJuly 15, 2012

It must be Sunday, because the newest episode of WWE's "Are You Serious?" has just been released on YouTube's WWEFanNation channel.

As expected, hosts Josh Matthews and "Road Dogg" Jesse James take shots at World Championship Wrestling, silly vignettes and talents that had very short tenures in the WWE.

This time, however, the show has chosen a new target: the IWC.

For those that don't know, IWC is an acronym for "Internet Wrestling Community", a group of fans that actively seek out the "behind the scenes" information of professional wrestling.

In Episode 24, we are introduced to a new character, a puppet named Mark, who claims to be "pretty smart."

This is a reference to the term "smark," which is short for a "smart mark" or a fan that has more insider knowledge than the average fan.

Smarks are sometimes criticized by the wrestlers and casual fans for a supposed inability to "sit back and enjoy" the program without over-analyzing the storylines and claiming that they could book better shows, leading some to dub the IWC as the "Immature Whiny Children."

In the clip, Mark, a self-described "troll," goes on to list all of the things that would not exist without WCW, including cruiserweights and Ric Flair. He even mentions the IWC by name.

He also lives with his mother, who made him pizza bagels.

Finally, Mark is confronted by the Triple H look-a-like, Puppet H, who is angry that Mark used harsh words against him on "Lords Of Hurt", a play on the wrestling news site, LordsOfPain.net.

While many individuals that contribute to wrestling sites may be offended by this video, there will still be a number of IWC guys (like myself) that will find this to be absolutely hilarious!

We can only wait for what Mark The Smark will say next.