CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan: How WWE Should Handle Epic Championship Tilt

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIJuly 15, 2012

Every now and again, the WWE will throw the WWE Universe a curveball. But most of the time, 95 percent of fans know exactly what's coming.

With AJ as special guest referee in the CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan WWE Championship match Sunday night, the company can go in a multitude of different directions, but they should only go in one—have AJ turn on Punk, causing Bryan to become the new WWE Champion.

This is the direction the majority of WWE fans are projecting this feud to turn. We'll find out if the WWE does in fact throw a curveball Sunday night at Money in the Bank.

Here are two reasons why the WWE should handle this championship match with AJ turning on Punk.


Continue the Feud

Instead of having the feud resurface down the line, make it continue. Bryan and Punk's feud has been great to watch develop over the weeks. Why stop right now?

Have these two superstars battle all the way to SummerSlam, setting up a rematch for the gold-less Punk.

With SummerSlam being the second prestigious pay-per-view in the company, having this storyline continue into the end of summer is ideal for the business.

If it doesn't appear to be losing steam, don't stop it prematurely. Let it ride itself out.


Make AJ the Storyline of the Night

Not often does Raw start off with a diva and her actions on a pay-per-view. Most of the time it's John Cena, but the WWE now has a chance to make AJ arguably the biggest storyline of the night.

Take it while you have it.

Any time you can add another figure to a roster who is still searching for top dogs, the company has to take it and use it while they have it. 

Sure, there will be great wrestling involved with Bryan and Punk given their history, feud and wrestling skills, but AJ can become an even bigger star if the WWE plays its cards right.