Manny Pacquiao Threatens Ricky Hatton

noning antonioContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

Pound for Pound king Manny Paccquiao has a straightforward message to Lee Beard, assistant coach for Ricky Hatton, "Let your ward train hard and good luck come fight night."

A simple message from the Philippines but sounds like a threat to the Hatton's camp. Pacquiao who is very busy for series of commitments in showbiz and public appearances in the country did not further elaborate what the message purports.

But common sense makes you already realize the message he is trying to convey. Manny is very dangerous especially if he is soundless against his opponent. Quoting him every time he reacts on trash words thrown against him is "Let the fists do the talking."

Hatton's camp is making noise too early belittled Manny's chances of winning. Just a piece of advice, watch your actions and language. Lot of his opponents has already did that but they all ended up snoring.