Vegas Summer League 2012: 3 Things Every Team Will Look for This Summer

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Vegas Summer League 2012: 3 Things Every Team Will Look for This Summer
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Basketball never stops being played by players around the world. It's just one of the great things about the sport.

Just because the NBA is over with doesn't mean there aren't important, developmental games being played across the globe.

Look at the Vegas Summer League, for example. Players from around the globe are receiving the opportunity of a lifetime. Don't tell them this summer isn't important.  

Here are three things teams will watch for from the Vegas Summer League. If you're looking for reasons to watch the Summer League, you can pay attention to these things, too.

Who sticks out?

Forget the score and just focus on players who stand out. Who is a player that jumps off your screen? 

I'm not talking about a dunk like Gerald Green's monster slam in Summer League action, I'm talking about the players who are consistent; players who look like they are the best on the floor.

Those are the players who will earn playing time during the regular season.

All those high-flying dunks and posters are great TV, but that doesn't make you a great basketball player. 

The AND1 circuit was all about alley-oops, posters and electrifying action. However, how many of those guys made the league? Not too many.

Just pay attention to players who consistently score in a plethora of ways, play great defense and can do other things on the floor well.

Rookie's first glimpse of professional basketball

Guys like Bradley Beal, Austin Rivers and others are expected to do great things in the NBA. Watching players with such a high ceiling is another reason to watch the Summer League.

Five years down the road and some of the guys playing this summer will be All-Star performers. Why not watch their greatness now?

Why not try to make an intelligent guess to which players will be successful and which ones will succeed? 

It's all a part of the fun.  

Improvement from sophomores

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Summer League is about players improving their play. It's a place to hone your skills, get experience and work on some of the aspects of the game you struggle with.

As the summer progresses, you will see players get better with playing time—or, at least, that's the point. 

The ones who improve the most will probably be the players who receive a legitimate opportunity for more playing time next season.

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