WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Roundtable Predictions

Eric Kanes@EricKanesContributor IIIJuly 15, 2012

WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Roundtable Predictions

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    What's up, ladies and gentlemen? My name is Eric Kanes, and I am back here today with my monthly pay-per-view preview. I will break things down and give the realistic odds for each match.

    As always, I'll have some fellow QuickWrestlingNews columnists joining me. This month, we've got the usual crew with Dave Scott, Adam Behan, George Cushnie, Liam Hindmarsh, "Primetime" Gregory Bitetzakis, and the returning Geddy Cahoon.

    Before I move on, I feel like I have to make this plug. Last week, I created a Facebook group called "Quick Wrestling Regime." We are trying to create the biggest wrestling group so it would be awesome if you could join and invite anybody who is a wrestling fan. Make sure to join for tomorrow's Money in the Bank discussion.

    Just for fun, I'm keeping track of the amount of predictions the QuickWrestlingNews staff got right for each PPV. Here are the results for No Way Out:

    Liam Hindmarsh: 6

    Gregory Bitetzakis: 5

    Adam Behan: 5

    Eric Kanes: 4

    Dave Scott: 4

    George Cushnie: 4

    And here are the combined PPV prediction results:

    Adam Behan: 27

    Dave Scott: 25

    Eric Kanes: 25

    Gregory Bitetzakis: 23

    Liam Hindmarsh: 23

    George Cushnie: 21

    Geddy Cahoon: 20

    Now, without any further ado, let's get this show on the road!

R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. Hunico & Camacho (Non-Title Match)

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    Eric Kanes: The pre-show match features R-Truth & Kofi Kingston taking on Hunico & Camacho. As usual, there is absolutely no build and it's non-title as well, I guess to ensure that nobody has any interest in it at all. There is absolutely no reason for anybody to care but this has been the running theme with these pre-show matches. Either way, expect R-Truth & Kofi Kingston to get a quick win.

    Eric's Pick: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston


    Geddy Cahoon: Well, the WWE pre-show matches continue to grow in scope, which is good. What's not good? Seeing the amazing Hunico job on a PPV pre-show. I LOVE Hunico. He's probably one of my top ten favorite performers right now. WWE brought him up about a year ago, and he's done NOTHING. It's absurd. His look is really cool, and his in-ring style is just as impressive. Do something with the guy! I assume this will be a decent match if it gets time, although I've never actually seen Camacho wrestle so, if he gets tagged in, the match quality may dip. Of course, Kofi and Truth will be winning here, but only so they can lose the belts to my favorite tag team, The Prime Time Players (I absolutely love how those two just randomly came out one week yelling about how much money they had and how awesome they were) in a few weeks.

    Geddy's Pick: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston


    Dave Scott: Good to see Hunico getting some time on the card as I feel he is very talented but has a rotten gimmick and is not being used in the correct manner. Since Camacho came on the scene with him, it hasn't really added much, if anything, to the whole situation. However, if WWE is looking to build the tag team division, it makes sense to have these guys as part of it. With this match though, I can't see past Kofi and Truth getting the victory, but I think they will go on to eventually lose the titles to the Prime Time Players.

    Dave's Pick: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston


    Adam Behan: This tag team match is on the Money in the Bank PPV just so WWE can say that there was a tag title match. There has been no solid build up or real care factor at all for the tag championships. I watched NXT and saw Hunico and Camacho on the brand losing. If WWE has them losing on NXT, then they have no hope. It will be a good match no doubt, I believe that Hunico and Camacho will put on a show but will ultimately be defeated by Trouble in Paradise.

    Adam's Pick: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston


    George Cushnie: I understand the point of having pre-show matches. It’s a free way to get people who may not be ordering the event interested in the pay-per-view. What really bugs me about them is that in two of the four pre-shows so far (before Extreme Rules and now here), a title has been defended. The titles are already meaningless, so having them defended on a pre-show makes them worth even less than they already were.

    Another thing that I don’t understand about this match is how did Hunico & Camacho end up with a title shot? That’s the major problem with the logic in WWE sometimes. It feels like they’re booking things on the sly and just make things up as they go along. For what it's worth, the match will probably be pretty decent, but I can’t see the titles changing hands.

    George's Pick: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston


    Liam Hindmarsh: Anyone remember when the Primetime Players won a tag title shot at the last PPV? Didn't think so because it seems WWE has totally forgotten about it too. It seems once again that the tag team titles are nothing but props that get paraded about from time to time. When Truth and Kofi won the belts, I felt, for a small moment, as if this was the time when the tag belts would mean something again. Obviously, Truth getting injured didn't help matters. I'm glad WWE kept the belts on them during Truth's absence, however.

    As for Hunico and Camacho, I don't really have much of an opinion on them. It's not that I don't like them. I just really haven't seen enough of them to form a solid opinion. It seems that WWE is reluctant to choose a tag team to give a huge push to. It's like they're happy keeping the belts on Truth and Kofi and are content to just pick a different team for them to face each month without really giving us a reason why they deserve it.

    As for the match, it's a pre-show, so I'm assuming they going to get around 7-10 minutes. I expect a fast paced match which could liven the crowd up early on in the night. As for the winners: Kofi and Truth win then go on to face a new team next month.

    Liam's Pick: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston


    Gregory Bitetzakis: I will just avoid all the jokes that pop into my head with this match and give you an opinion. I, for one, do not understand why the Prime Time Players are not in this match because I feel them against Kofi and Truth would be a better way to go. But since that is not the case, let's just say that Kofi and Truth will win because having them lose against these guys serves no purpose.

    Gregory's Pick: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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    Eric Kanes: Even with CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan on the card, this match has potential to steal the show considering who's in it. The styles of most of these wrestlers are perfect for a match such as Money in the Bank. Let me run down the list and give the odds that each individual has of winning the match:

    Santino Marella—None

    Sin Cara—None


    Tyson Kidd—Slim to None

    Tensai—Slim to None

    Damien Sandow—Slim to None

    Cody Rhodes—Likely

    Dolph Ziggler—Very Likely

    Honestly, it seems like it comes down to Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes. I'm giving Ziggler the slight edge because he already has some history with the current champion, Sheamus, and is the more developed of the two at the end of the day. However, I really would rather not see either one win as neither is ready for a world title run.

    Out of the performers in this match, I'll be rooting for Damien Sandow. He's as unready as Ziggler and Rhodes, but at least his character is entertaining. I'd also expect Tyson Kidd to be the one who steals the show.

    Two other individuals I'd like to see get the win are Ryback and Wade Barrett. I realize that Ryback is not part of this match but how awesome would it be if he just came out, took out everyone in the match and got the win? I've been a fan of the guy ever since his NXT days (as Skip Sheffield) and he has loads of potential.

    In regards to Wade Barrett, I believe the reason that there was no Money in the Bank match this year at WrestleMania was to wait until Barrett healed from his injury to get the win here. There has been no mention of him thus far, and I'm assuming he still hasn't healed, but it would be awesome if he ended up returning and getting the win. Nobody deserves it more than him.

    Eric's Pick: Dolph Ziggler


    Geddy Cahoon: This is sure to be match of the night. You've got three of my top ten performers in the company right now (Cody Rhodes, Christian, and the love of my life Damien Sandow) and the match is just stacked with talent.

    Tyson Kidd is a great performer, Santino can do...alright but he's basically filler. Dolph Ziggler, though I don't really like him much anymore, always performs well. And call me crazy, but I've actually taken a shine to Tensai in the past few weeks. I feel like his look is actually starting to work for me, and he's decent in the ring. He may not work well in this match but we'll see. As for Sin Cara, let's just hope he doesn't hurt himself or get suspended again during this match.

    SmackDown MITB matches are almost always more entertaining because SmackDown usually has a stronger roster, technically. This year should be no different. Expect a lot of cool spots, and maybe even a surprise twist ending. Last year, everybody picked Rhodes or Barrett and we got Bryan. This year, everyone's picking Rhodes or Ziggler. Prepare for the unexpected in a match like this though.

    Part of me really wants Sandow to win, but I know he's not established enough. Many are going with Ziggler. That's logical. Here's the thing though: He doesn't need it! He's been World Champ, and he doesn't need the briefcase to get a title feud! Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, needs a logical reason to fight for the title. This is one. I've been saying 2012 would be Rhodes' year. Let's hope I'm right.

    Geddy's Pick: Cody Rhodes


    Dave Scott: I can see this match being a great visual experience. You've got a lot of guys in there who can put on a good match and are ready to take a step forward in their careers. There are several options that you could go with that would make sense and would end well.

    I don't think Tensai, Damien Sandow, Santino Marella and Sin Cara have much of a chance, but I could be wrong. I think Tyson Kidd would be a good option, as no one would expect it, like Daniel Bryan last year. Rhodes and Ziggler are both in similar positions where they are both proven upper mid-carders and are ready to take the jump to the title.

    Christian would be the safe option here as WWE knows he can perform well in the main event and I'm sure it would please quite a lot of people if he did pick up the victory. But I'm only allowed to chose one guy so I'm going to go for Ziggler to pick up the victory.

    Dave's Pick: Dolph Ziggler


    Adam Behan: Now this could be the match of the year. It features underrated talent that have not caught their break yet and could shock the world.

    You have the athleticism factor with Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd, the brilliance of Ziggler and Rhodes, the awesomeness of Damien Sandow and Christian and the comedic usage of Santino and Tensai.

    I cannot begin to say how much I am torn up in regards to picking a winner because the majority of the guys deserve to win. I will rule out Christian and Santino due to their current title statuses.

    When it comes to a definitive winner, I will stick to my guns and pick Cody Rhodes. He has been floating around with uncertainty lately and I believe that he has been out of the title picture deliberately because it is his turn to take on Sheamus.

    Adam's Pick: Cody Rhodes


    George Cushnie: For me, this match is the hardest to predict of the entire show. You just don’t know who WWE wants to push as their next main-eventer.

    I think it’s fairly safe to say that, although I’d LOVE to see it, Tyson Kidd isn’t going to win this match. I’ve said it countless times before, but Kidd is one of the most underrated WWE performers on the current roster. WWE should let him have a chance to show what he can do as a singles competitor. He’d make a great mid-card champion. In saying that, he’s had a lot of TV time lately, ever since the Over the Limit PPV, so he may be in with a shout.

    The IWC is widely recognized (and sometimes criticized) for being high up on Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler. The reason that they’re well liked is because they are tremendous all-around performers who deserve their chance to shine and, more often than not, they’re the ones who have the best matches of the night. Those two definitely deserve to be Smackdown’s Mr. Money in the Bank.

    Then there’s the other men in the match like Damien Sandow and Sin Cara, who really need that one BIG victory to solidify themselves as members of the main roster. This could be the match that catapults Sandow into a credible wrestler in the eyes of casual fans.

    In my opinion, this match will come down to two men: Santino Marella and Tensai. Let me explain why. WWE likes to screw with us and make us think that Santino has a chance of breaking through the glass ceiling. It happened at last year’s Royal Rumble and it happened at this year’s Elimination Chamber. I fully expect it to happen on Sunday at Money in the Bank as well.

    Tensai hasn’t really gotten over with the crowd since his debut in April and that’s because that kind of gimmick just doesn’t work today. They should have just had him come back as a badass who takes people out and then maybe he’d have had a chance. Since then, WWE has tweaked his gimmick slightly and they seem to be determined on pushing him. I’ve just got a sneaky feeling that WWE will swerve us by having Tensai win the Money in the Bank instead of Ziggler or Rhodes.

    George's Pick: Tensai


    Liam Hindmarsh: This is what a MITB match should be like. Lower and mid-card guys all wanting a chance to break out and make it to the main event. With the exception of Christian and Ziggler, none of these guys have been world champion.

    Unlike the Raw MITB match, I expect this to be a fast paced match with guys like Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd wowing us with some memorable spots. Of course, Tensai will be on hand for the power spots.

    What I love about this match is that we have a combination of different styles which makes for a much better match. Out of both the MITB matches on the card, I feel that this will be the better of the two.

    As for the winner, I have it narrowed down to two people which I'm finding hard to split—Ziggler or Rhodes. Ziggler has been on the edge of the main event for over a year now, just waiting to be pushed over the edge, whereas Cody has come off a very impressive Intercontinental title reign and has vastly improved since his Legacy days.

    If neither of them win this match, it will be a total surprise to me. Although, WWE may want to throw a curveball, like they did with Daniel Bryan last year. It's difficult to pick this one. I'm going to take a chance on Ziggler winning.

    Liam's Pick: Dolph Ziggler


    Gregory Bitetzakis: I am really looking forward to this match because it contains a nice combo of young guys, vets, and exciting athletes...oh yeah, and Prince Albert.

    I think it comes down to either Cody Rhodes or Dolph Ziggler. My reason for picking Dolph is because: a) he looks to have the WWE behind him with a great push; and b) Cody seems in the cellar as of late with not much support behind him yet.

    Both will be big stars, it is just Dolph's turn first.

    Gregory's Pick: Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Eric Kanes: Is it just me or has the entire world title picture become extremely irrelevant ever since Sheamus won the title? Sheamus is an overall solid performer but he really has no character. Del Rio is just boring no matter what he does, so combine those two factors and you have an incredibly underwhelming world championship match. Sheamus will end up winning of course, but, at the end of the day, nobody will care.

    Eric's Pick: Sheamus


    Geddy Cahoon: Well, they're finally doing this after months of hurdles to jump. Look how underwhelming it is! Yeah I like both of these guys, but..who cares?

    Super Sheamus will retain his belt yet again as reports continue to surface (as they often do) that Del Rio's WWE days are numbered.

    Sheamus is really getting stale as champ, and a feud between he and whoever wins MITB could be cool. Unless it's Ziggler.

    I assume this bout will be passable from a technical standpoint, but these two are pretty much the blandest of the bland. It's a shame because last summer when he turned, Sheamus as a face was absolutely awesome. I was actually at the SmackDown that he turned face and his pop was earth-shattering. Now, no one cares about him.

    Geddy's Pick: Sheamus


    Dave Scott: I really don't have any interest in this match. I don't see why WWE keeps trying to push Del Rio down our throats. He isn't a bad wrestler by any means. However, he just isn't very interesting. I can't see him winning this match either because I think Sheamus is the long term option.

    Dave's Pick: Sheamus


    Adam Behan: This is going to be my "Zell's guaran-damn-tee pick of the night." Sheamus will not lose. How can he? Alberto Del Rio has not even looked strong no matter what he has tried to accomplish. The assault on the ramp way and with the car were useless and failed to convince me at all that Sheamus would be threatened. The reason Del Rio is in this match is to make Sheamus look good by defeating a top superstar. I think that WWE should have had Big Show in this match and Del Rio in the Raw Money in the Bank clash. Big Show may have given me a second thought but Brogue kick again for the win. Typical boring PPV with the World Heavyweight Championship...

    Adam's Pick: Sheamus


    George Cushnie: For most of the last six weeks, Sheamus has steamrollered his way through Dolph Ziggler and after recovering from his concussion, Alberto del Rio finally gets his one-on-one title match. I don’t know about you, but I’m not excited about this match whatsoever.

    Sheamus is a great choice to be champion. He’s got the look that Vince McMahon loves, but he’s still unique in terms of his appearance. He’s really grown into the babyface role in the last year and for me, he’s more suited to the role than someone like Randy Orton. I don’t think that Sheamus gets the credit he deserves sometimes. In the last few months, he’s had excellent matches with Bryan, Ziggler, Orton and Swagger (among others) and for a man of his size, he’s a tremendous worker.

    On the other hand, a part of me thinks that his current main-event level push is Alberto del Rio’s last chance to prove he can cut it in WWE’s main-event. There’s no doubt that Alberto can go in the ring, but he just doesn’t seem to be able to connect with the audience. His ring announcer is more over than he is. Think about all the times WWE was going to pull the trigger with Del Rio before. In 2011, when he won the Royal Rumble, I thought he’d go on to win the title at Wrestlemania, but he didn’t and when Edge retired, I thought he’d win the World Title, but he didn’t.

    He moved over to Raw and when he won the Money in the Bank match last year and cashed in his briefcase on CM Punk, I thought that his title reign would actually mean something, but it didn’t. There’s just something about him that doesn’t connect with the audience when he talks and cuts promos. If Del Rio is given the ball and it doesn’t work, I think it could be the end of his main-event push in the WWE.

    As far as the match goes, I think WWE is building Sheamus as the franchise player on Smackdown so I can’t see him losing the title yet.

    George's Pick: Sheamus


    Liam Hindmarsh: I love Sheamus. I think he's great. I've been a fan of his ever since his debut on ECW. In his short time with WWE, he's improved ever so much, he's even currently the number one babyface on SmackDown. Not to mention that he's held the world title for almost three months now, which is a minor miracle in WWE, knowing how they pass their titles around like hot cakes. As for Del Rio, I honestly just find him quite boring. He's not a bad performer or anything, he's just a bit bland for my liking. I'm not sure why that is, maybe he's just not connecting with me. I'm not sure what other fans think.

    I can see this match happening early on in the night. Perhaps even the first match of the night. With most people focusing on the MITB matches, I'm a bit worried that this match will just fly under the radar. I hope we see something special just so they aren't overshadowed by the rest of the card. Like I said earlier, I'm a big a fan of Sheamus and feel he can have great matches with the right opponent. With so few matches announced, I do hope that they get at least twenty minutes to put on a good match. Right now, it looks like the WWE is real happy with Sheamus, so I expect a victory for the Irishman.

    Liam's Pick: Sheamus


    Gregory Bitetzakis: This is an interesting match since rumors have been swirling that the WWE is in love with Alberto and a big push is in the cards for him. While I think that is probably true, if you've been watching WWE the last couple of months, there may not be a bigger guy on a bigger run than Sheamus. If I may say so, he is getting a Cena-like run. That leaves me to say that Sheamus retains but I have a feeling that this rivalry will continue.

    Gregory's Pick: Sheamus

WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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    Eric Kanes: Let me break down the odds one more time:


    Chris Jericho—Slim to None

    John Cena—Very Likely

    Big Show—Very Likely

    I'm really not sure here but I think out of the four individuals in this match, Big Show has the greatest chance of winning, even though John Cena is the favorite going into the match. They've been building Big Show up like a monster and I think a CM Punk vs. Big Show feud over the WWE title would be great, as CM Punk would actually be at a disadvantage. A Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena feud would be equally entertaining but I'm going to go ahead and lock in Big Show as my pick.

    One thing I'm wondering about is why there are only four competitors in this match. This has never happened with a money in the bank match in the past. I'm starting to wonder if it's possible that there will be more former WWE Champions included in this match, with Rey Mysterio and The Miz being possibilities. The Miz returning to win the briefcase here and renew his push would really be...awesome.

    Eric's Pick: Big Show


    Geddy Cahoon: I don't even know what to write here. This is a match for which it literally DOESN'T MATTER whether or not I actually pick a winner. I'm going to be pissed off regardless of who they go with. Four guys in the MiTB? Four older guys who (Aside from Jericho of course) aren't exactly known for their performances in these types of matches? Yeah this is sure to be a Five Star Classic...

    Geddy's Pick: Doesn't Matter, all of the Prospective Winners are Boring


    Dave Scott: This match will be a lot slower than the other MITB match, but like every other MITB match in history it will be interesting! I am very undecided on who I think will get the briefcase in this match, however I think you can instantly eliminate Kane, if he was to win I would be very surprised as he has already won a MITB match in the past and I don't think the WWE as a whole would benefit from him winning.

    Jericho I'm not too sure if he will win but I do think he does have a chance. Big Show and John Cena I think are the two most likely to get the win in this match. I don't want Big Show to win the match and I don't think Cena needs it, but to be honest none of these guys needs it. I'm really struggling to decide on this but will go with the safe option of Cena for the win.

    Dave's Pick: John Cena


    Adam Behan: OK peeps. This match makes me laugh. Big Show has been SO dominate as of late that he has to win right? Ha, please. That is WWE's way of saying I am about to lose convincingly. Kane won't win by any stretch of the imagination (which sucks, he is my personal favourite for the case). Kane won it not so long ago and won't need it again.

    Jericho is another person that has no hope due to the fact that he is leaving sooner than later. WWE trying to convince us he may win because he created it is just stupid; Jericho never wins on PPV remember?

    That leaves us with John Cena. Cena is always the guy WWE can depend on and because he hasn't won it before it makes it more plausible to give him the win. Sadly Cena will win and cash it in honestly at Summerslam.

    Adam's Pick: John Cena


    George Cushnie: The only man in this match who I think has no chance of winning is Kane. Although he’s been on fire (haha!) since he came back at the end of last year, Kane doesn’t need to win the title. He’s in there to act as the middle man between the smaller Jericho/Cena and Big Show.

    When it comes to the other three men, I think they’ve got an equal chance of winning it. Big Show has been really entertaining since he turned heel. He just comes to the ring, kicks ass and then leaves. That’s what a giant should do. He shouldn’t be a dancing, smiling buffoon. Big Show is the dark horse in this match and he could easily walk out with the briefcase.

    John Cena always manages to split the fans right down the middle. In the last month, Cena has run down the WWE product on live TV, when he said the core audience was nine year olds. That’s factually wrong. The core audience is between 29- and 38-year-olds. Cena’s core audience is around 9 years old if you listen to the crowd reactions at TV tapings/PPV’s.

    As soon as he announced he’d be in this match, I thought that it would be the most predictable Money in the Bank match in WWE history, and it probably will be, but I don’t think Cena needs to win Money in the Bank.

    Of all the men in this match, Chris Jericho needs the win more than anyone else. Since he came back, he hasn’t had that big victory that he should have had. Jericho is perhaps the smartest man in wrestling. He understands that you need to build new stars, which is why he’s put over everybody since he came back in January. This match is different because all of the participants are established, so Jericho doesn’t need to worry about that.

    If I was WWE, I would give the briefcase to Jericho. It’s known that he’s going to be away for a while after Summerslam to promote and tour the new Fozzy record.

    Whenever Jericho leaves WWE there’s always a huge void left because he’s so versatile. A great way to bring him back with an impact would be for him to come back with the briefcase and immediately cash it in to win the title. No vignettes, no warnings, just come back and surprise everyone by cashing in the briefcase. That’s how I’d book it.

    George's Pick: Chris Jericho


    Liam Hindmarsh: I'd made my feelings on this match quite clear in one of my recent articles. I think filling the match with only former champions is a stupid idea. The MITB was designed to help create a new star or help a mid card guy make the leap to the main event. All four of these men are all current main event level talent and I can't see how holding the briefcase will help them.

    I expect this match to be one of the slowest paced MITB's in history. We have two big men in Big Show and Kane and I can't really see Jericho or Cena attempting any high risk spots. I'm not saying the match will be poor, It will just be a lot different judging by how few people are in it.

    As for the winner, it comes down to two people for me, either Cena or Jericho. I can imagine these two both on top of the ladder at the end, both struggling to grasp the briefcase. I'm going to pick Cena to win. I'm not sure how people will react to him if he does win. He has his haters who pretty despise everything he does, so carrying a briefcase, giving him a title shot. Gives his haters some ammunition.

    By the way, If Cena does win. Get the "Will Cena turn heel" questions ready again.

    Liam's Pick: John Cena


    Gregory Bitetzakis: Hmm interesting, only 4 guys in this match but do not be surprised if we see someone else involved, maybe Mysterio or the Miz  Either way it comes down to either the Big Show or John Cena and I will go with the later. Cena is due to get back in the title picture and what better way then give him something else on his Hall of Fame resume which is a MITB briefcase.

    Gregory's Pick: John Cena

CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan W/AJ as Special Guest Referee

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    Eric Kanes: The final match on the card is CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan with AJ as the special guest referee. It's been built up to look like it can go either way and I believe that it can. Of these two, I'd rather see Daniel Bryan win the title just because CM Punk is already an established main-eventer while Daniel Bryan is still a glorified upper mid carder, and he deserves to be much more than that.

    However, I don't think that WWE has as much faith in him at the moment as they do in Bryan. Regardless of the outcome of the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder match, it seems like CM Punk will end up facing the winner at SummerSlam, which is why I'm going to go ahead and give him the win.

    A great idea that was brought up by a reader on Facebook, though, would be to have CM Punk win and then have either Big Show or John Cena cash in Money in the Bank, have AJ count Punk down, and then have AJ leave with the winner. That really would be the ultimate swerve.

    Eric's Pick: CM Punk


    Geddy Cahoon: Here's another groaner. I HATE AJ Lee. HATE HATE HATE HATE HER. I don't think she's "adorable" (And honestly, if you are a grown man and use the word "adorable" in relation to her, you're a creep), I think she's a horrible actress, and I think she takes all of the focus away from the WWE Championship.

    Daniel Bryan in his infinite awesomeness has of course found a way to keep this horrible atrocity of a feud somewhat entertaining, as his antics are always worth a chuckle. CM Punk however... Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Remember last Summer when CM Punk was the coolest thing EVER. When he broke kayfabe and went on that amazing rant criticizing everything wrong with WWE? Now, CM Punk EMBODIES everything wrong with WWE. He's cheesy, unquestioningly good, and worst of all, he's wrapped up in the same type of angle he was deriding. I could handle AJ, I would put my hatred of her aside, if the GOOD CM Punk character returned, and handled this feud with what it needs: Sarcasm. Bitter, bitter sarcasm.

    Instead, the whole thing is being played completely straight and it's god awful.

    As for the match itself: From a technical standpoint, it'll be phenomenal. Do I need to say that at this point? They'll go back and forth for a while as AJ is "conflicted" to simulate "drama" when in reality the whole affair will just be "stupid" and "a total waste of time, energy, and the PPV buyers' money." The finish: It'll be screwy.

    I'm going with a No Contest. Because AJ is indecisive you see. She can't choose between the two. GET IT?!

    Geddy's Pick: Match Ends in No Contest or Draw (Doesn't really matter for me; I'll be watching the season premiere of Breaking Bad and thus won't have to suffer through any of this fiasco)


    Dave Scott: This match will be awesome. These two guys have shown previously that they can put on a five star match. I think with the added unpredictability of AJ being the referee will make this match even more amazing. I think the entire match will just have you questioning who AJ's loyalties lie with, however I think the end result will be AJ turning heel and going back with Daniel Bryan.

    CM Punk has held the title for quite a long time and if Bryan was to pick up the victory it would give WWE and excuse to put these two in another couple of matches.

    Dave's Pick: Daniel Bryan


    Adam Behan: Urgggh. The rivalry I thought WWE couldn't get wrong and boy wasn't I wrong? CM Punk has been watered down as of late which is a real shame. The whole build on this match is surrounded by a five foot tall chick who is senile.

    These are dark days in WWE. I think WWE was trying to put a bit of uncertainty into us by putting a crazy chick in charge but they failed and the angle became pathetic, stale and over-done. WWE made saying Yes! a crime with its overuse. I am going to stick with CM Punk over Daniel Bryan to coincide with my John Cena pick.

    CM Punk and Cena at Summerslam is way more "enthralling" than Cena Vs. Bryan right? WWE doing what they do best, going back and using what worked in the past.'

    Adam's Pick: CM Punk


    George Cushnie: I’m one of those guys that could sit and watch Punk and Bryan wrestle for hours. For me it’s a throwback to great feuds like Savage/Steamboat and Michaels/Hart. Men who could wrestle and entertain at the same time.

    Daniel Bryan has been one of wrestling’s hottest commodities for the last six months and I think he deserves a chance to run with the ball. The problem is that Vince McMahon himself even acknowledged on WWE TV that Bryan “doesn’t look like a superstar”. I’ve got news for ya Vince, just because he doesn’t look like a jacked-up Mr Universe reject doesn’t mean he’s not one of the best wrestlers in the world.

    CM Punk has had one of the longest WWE title reigns in recent years, but has it really meant anything? I’m not crapping on Punk, but WWE clearly doesn’t think he’s able to draw in a “mainsteam” audience, which is why he’s only main-evented ONE PPV and a handful of Raw shows since becoming champion. That’s a shame because Punk is a tremendous wrestler and if WWE really were serious about him as champion, they’d have him main-event Raw and PPV’s.

    There’s no doubt that these two men will put on an incredible wrestling match, but the wildcard of AJ as special referee adds another dimension to the match. She’s had a tremendous push lately and the brilliant thing about it is that nobody knows which way it’s gonna go.

    I really don’t mind which of these men win the match, but since he’s been on such a roll this year, I think Daniel Bryan deserves to win the WWE Title.

    George's Pick: Daniel Bryan


    Liam Hindmarsh: Crazy chicks are........well crazy. I've enjoyed this storyline for the most part. My only minor gripe is that sometimes it seems that the WWE title has played second fiddle to AJ. However, AJ has played her part really well and it's nice to see a diva featured in a major storyline. As I've been saying for the last two PPV's I expect AJ to be the deciding factor. Now she's the special referee, I think everyone is in agreement that her actions will decide the winner of the match. The question is, what will she do?

    The match will be great, just like their last few matches. Time is what they need. Give them time and it's pretty much guaranteed match of the night. I think it will probably follow the formula of their recent matches. Start out slowly and increase the tempo over time. Include a lot of wrestling holds followed by intricate reversals and escapes. Fans always want to see more wrestling. That is what you get in this match. You get more wresting.

    But like I said, AJ will be the X-factor in the match. It will be interesting to see how she calls the match. Whether she rotates from helping out Bryan, then helping Punk.

    As for the winner. I think this is finally Bryan's time. And finally, after I've been predicting for months. AJ will end up costing Punk the match. Obviously this sets up more rematches between both guys which is fine by me.

    Liam's Pick: Daniel Bryan


    Gregory Bitetzakis: The AJ factor is huge here. Last Raw she slapped both Punk and Bryan so her hand has not been tipped yet. Both are over but I think it boils down to who wins the MITB match. If Cena wins, I think a Summerslam rematch with Punk would be the way to go. And since you know who I picked in that match, you connect the dots and Punk wins.

    Gregory's Pick: CM Punk

Final Thoughts

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    As always, Money in the Bank has the potential to be the pay-per-view of the year. Even though there are only four matches, the card looks solid. If things go the way I expect them to, things are certainly looking up for WWE.

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