Heath Slater and 5 WWE Superstars Who Need to Go Away

Nathan Giese@@gieseflysouthSenior Analyst IIJuly 16, 2012

Heath Slater and 5 WWE Superstars Who Need to Go Away

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    As it currently stands, the WWE is in a bit of a pickle. Their roster has seen hits on both the injury and suspension front. This has essentially caused a massive slide in interest and enthusiasm from the WWE Universe as the overall product has taken a hit.

    However, at this point, even with the low number of roster spots, there are still plenty of superstars who just need to...go away.

    By go away, this doesn't necessarily mean be released from the company altogether. In fact, there are a few on this list who should just take some time off, find themselves or reinvent their characters.

    There are many reasons as to why these superstars need to go away, and we will examine each one individually.

    Let us now take a look at the superstars.

Honorable Mentions

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    These superstars are those who didn't make the official rankings but could also go away and it would be okay. (Side note: most of the honorable mentions didn't make the list because I was rather surprised to see they were still employed by WWE.)

    David Otunga: His run as John Laurinaitis' assistant/legal adviser are over. He now serves as little use as the coffee cup he constantly holds.

    Mason Ryan: Extremely big but also an extremely big waste of time.

    Ezekiel Jackson: See Mason Ryan. Former Intercontinental Champion, if only for the sake of his feud with Wade Barrett.

    Ryback's Jobbers: Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. It's time to move him onto an actual feud at this point.

    The Big Show: The monster giant angle has been overplayed. This time around, it's rather pointless. He's aging, unable to perform basic moves and few people care for him anymore. It's time to hang up the big boots, Show.

    Booker T and Jerry Lawler on commentary: "Shucky, ducky, quack, quack" your way into retirement, boys. Lawler has seemed extremely uninterested in his job recently, and Booker is repetitive, and well, horrible at commentary. Let Michael Cole and Josh Matthews call the action, please.


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    Yes, Hornswaggle is technically a WWE superstar, according to WWE.com's Superstars page, so he, too, gets included in this discussion.

    Open question: Is there really a reason to keep Hornswaggle around?

    First, he was Finlay's son. Then, he became Vince McMahon's illegitimate son, and now, he has been revealed as the man running the computer as the Anonymous Raw General Manager. He's done it all, hasn't he?

    For a man of his stature and placement within the company, these are some great accomplishments. Hornswaggle, however, is, how to put it nicely, unnecessary.

    In actuality, it may seem like harmless fun to have the little person running around biting people on the backside, but it has no place in a company trying to remain on top of the wrestling world.

    Like it or not, TNA is slowly creeping up on WWE at this point, and having Hornswaggle around takes away from the ultimate goal of success.

    As Featured Columnist Graham "GSM" Matthews writes in this article, he feels that TNA is currently better than the WWE is. Honestly, I can't disagree with him.

    WWE is struggling right now, and one reason behind this is talent, such as Hornswaggle, gaining more air time than those who actually compete and provide the real-life product.

    Hornswaggle was fun, at times, but has no reason to be around anymore.

    Hornswaggle, please go away!

The Great Khali

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    Once written as one of the most dangerous monsters in WWE history, The Great Khali has become a shell of his former self. Sadly, this isn't saying a lot, considering Khali's abilities as a wrestler.

    For instance, his accent. While it may be funny at times, it's impossible to take him seriously as a competitor. Lucky for him, he's not suppose to be taken seriously—at least, not anymore.

    Khali use to be a monster heel and has since become a sideshow gimmick that compares to that of Santino Marella. Santino has some solid wrestling abilities, which he has shown on a number of occasions, when given the chance.

    Not only is Khali's gimmick laughable, so is his wrestling ability. Of course, it's rather difficult to pull off effective moves when you're 7' and have knees that look as if they're ready to snap at any moment. However, his abilities speak for themselves.

    It's not worth keeping Khali around for any reason. He's no longer feuding with Jinder Mahal and doesn't fit well into any story.

    Great Khali, please go away!


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    Every good up-and-coming superstar needs a good sidekick. Hunico, also known as the fake Sin Cara, has Camacho to play that role. Camacho is not a good sidekick.

    Hunico alone has enough potential to become a stellar talent in the WWE, and Camacho is only holding him back. Since they have been packaged together, they have taken on the extremely stereotypical persona of thug Latinos.

    It's almost as if creative duplicated the persona of Cryme Tyme and changed the race. That's currently what Hunico has been reduced to lately, and Camacho is just along for the ride (literally, considering they ride a bike to the ring).

    Camacho was once figured to be the enforcer to help protect Hunico. However, since neither of them are used, he fails to serve any purpose.

    It's time to let Camacho go and allow Hunico to develop himself even further. After all, Hunico as Sin Cara was better than actual Sin Cara, so he deserves some sort of attention.

    Camacho, please go away!


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    With Tensai, you could blame his recent failed run with the WWE as a result of his former stint as Albert. Except, there's so much more than just a name change that has this character labeled as a failed endeavor at this point.

    In a previous article, I stated the reasons Tensai should not win the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match. These are the same reasons he should be released, repackaged or just take a break until things cool down a bit.

    I believe I stated it best in my previous work, so here's an exert:

    Tensai debuted after WrestleMania as this big, Japanese phenom who was to come in and dominate the rest of the WWE. Unfortunately, he has been completely mishandled to this point. He has victories over John Cena and CM Punk, which were suspected to elevate his status in the main event ranks. Except, after each of those wins, he disappeared from TV and was never given an opportunity to shine.

    One factor in this is inability to register any heat from the crowd that knows him simply as Albert, which was his original name in his first stint in the WWE. Tensai is just an enigma at this point, and his most compelling story has been him beating up on his manager, Sakamoto.

    There's nothing going on for Tensai at this point other than the little mini-feud he has with Tyson Kidd. While it may sound intriguing, it really benefits neither competitor.

    Say Tensai were to win the feud: this would be expected as he's suppose to be this dominant, unstoppable force. Except, if Kidd won, he would have defeated someone who is irrelevant anyway, further stalling an sort of potential push. A Kidd win would also make Tensai fall further into obscurity.

    After defeating Cena and Punk, Tensai has done nothing to interest fans. These same fans either fall asleep, switched the channel or flash back to old Albert moments during his matches. This does not bode well for someone who's trying to be written in as the next big monster.

    Tensai, please go away.

Heath Slater

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    Slowly, Heath Slater has fallen from the graces of the once dominant groups Nexus and The Corre. He's a former tag team champion and has shown some solid development with his in-ring abilities. However, that does not save the "One Man Band" from making this list.

    Wendy, excuse me, Slater, has gone the route of Santino: becoming a completely wasted talent. By falling to all the legends returning to hype up the 1,000th episode of Raw, Slater has gone from a promising talent to a comedy act. Don't get me wrong, there's never anything wrong with comedy, but it just doesn't suit the role Slater should be playing.

    What Heath Slater should be doing is challenging for either the United States or Intercontinental Championships. Unfortunately, since neither one of those is important, at all, anymore, there isn't much room for him to excel at anything.

    Repackage Slater or retool him. The "One Man Band" thing is just fine, just make it so he doesn't have to be a laughing stock while pulling it off. Until then, it must be said..

    Heath Slater, please go away!

Sin Cara

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    A botching machine as well as an injury liability, Sin Cara needs to go more than any other superstar on this list.

    With all the hype surrounding his debut last year, Sin Cara has been injured numerous times, failing to stay healthy at any point during his run with the WWE. Not only has the WWE pushed the Mexican star, they feature him prominently through advertising and merchandise in order to entice the Latino market.

    Honestly, having an expanded market and revenue stream might sound good, but Sin Cara isn't worth the trouble of potential injury to its other talent—especially those who have much higher expectations than he does.

    It's no secret that Sin Cara hasn't quite adapted to the WWE style of performing yet. If he hasn't caught on by now, will he ever be able to figure it out?

    He may not be around long enough for us to find out. Last night during the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank match, on back-to-back maneuvers, Sin Cara narrowly avoided severely injuring both Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes.

    Rhodes and Ziggler are two of the brightest up-and-coming stars in the WWE with extremely high ceilings of success.

    Had Sin Cara injured Rhodes or Ziggler, it would have been a huge travesty to the match and the company together. Ziggler ended up winning the match but may not have been able to finish it out thanks to a missed Sin Cara spot.

    Sin Cara is not worth the risk of injury to the rest of the roster. He hasn't developed the sort of following the WWE has hoping for, and he hasn't gone anywhere in the company except for the disabled list.

    It's time to cut your losses, WWE.

    Sin Cara, please go away!

In Closing

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    These are the six superstars who need to go away the most.

    It doesn't have to be immediately, but eventually, each and every one of the aforementioned superstars should not be seen on WWE programming.

    Whether it's for good or for a certain amount of time, it doesn't really matter at this point. The point is, they don't belong in the WWE and need to listen to the photo in this slide.

    Of course, this is up for debate. Who did I miss? Who should I have taken off? Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Let me hear your voice on the subject.



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