WWE Money in the Bank 2012: CM Punk Beats Daniel Bryan and What It Means

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 15, 2012


The look is all you have to remember.

As Daniel Bryan lay on the table and CM punk grabbed the WWE title from A.J. Lee, all you could see is the look on the face of the little one.

Was she mad? Was she sad? Was she confused?

The win by CM Punk did a few things for the WWE, which also included surprising the hell out of me and many of the WWE Universe. This was a golden moment for Punk to drop the title and change the course of the WWE heading into the summer months and SummerSlam.

With so much riding on this match, it means the feud between the current WWE Champion, Punk and Daniel Bryan is not over and it would seem the triangle between the two wrestlers and Lee will continue.

What is in store for both men in the next few weeks remains to be seen, but it can only spell suspense and possible surprise.

While we have talked over the last few months how the “black widow” of the WWE has become the most influential person in the company, and maybe the most devious diva of all time, it also shows that with a splash through a table and a win, all her momentum crashed.

In a very big way, the fact Punk did not acknowledge Lee after the win should be part of the storyline moving forward and possibly leading to a reconciliation between Bryan and Lee.

But the biggest soap opera in wrestling history has not been solved as of yet. It will also be interesting to see if Lee enlists another wrestler to come to her aid (like Kane or someone else) or can she continue to play mind games with these two wrestlers.

This match, which is the best match I have seen all year so far, was not about Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. The title was secondary as well. This was about A.J. Lee—plain and simple. The mind and mystery of Lee was what made this PPV the one to watch.

And now that John Cena won the Money in the Bank WWE title Ladder Match, we have more questions to answer. Does this become another part of Lee’s twisted mind game?