Friday Night SmackDown Review: Through the Eyes of the Youth

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Friday Night SmackDown Review: Through the Eyes of the Youth
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WWE present their Money in the Bank pay-per-view tonight, and I haven't written a wrestling article since my No Way Out preview.

Although a few issues related to home ownership have preoccupied me over the last few weeks, the real reason I haven't been writing is because I have been so disappointed with the direction WWE's booking team has been going lately.

I didn't agree much with the results of No Way Out, and I haven't agreed with much since.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in a feud that focuses more on a love triangle than the fact that they're arguably the two best wrestlers in the company, if not the industry?

Dolph Ziggler cleanly losing to Sheamus five times within the last five weeks?

Super Cena ridding the WWE of the man garnering the most heel heat in as long as I can remember?

Hornswoggle as the anonymous GM, discovered by Santino doing his impression of Sherlock Holmes?

There are a plethora of writers and bloggers out there who constantly write about how terrible WWE is. There's no need for me to add to the list of whiners. Like they always say: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

So I kept my mouth shut...or rather, my laptop off.

But I can't help this urge to write, and I do hope WWE turns things around soon. So I sat down with my nephews (Logan, age 8 and Caleb, age 5), watched SmackDown, and got their take on it. Who knows, maybe WWE isn't as bad as I've been saying. Maybe it's just me.

After watching SmackDown, I asked them what their favorite part was, what their least favorite part was, and whether watching SmackDown made them want to watch Money in the Bank.

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