Haye vs. Chisora Results: Hayemaker Completely Outclasses Del Boy

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 14, 2012

image from epix
image from epix

The fight was energetic, but never in doubt. David Haye destroyed Dereck Chisora from the opening bell. He finished Del Boy with a vicious fifth-round KO after winning every round.

He was quicker, stronger and far more confident.

I can't say that I'm shocked by the results, but I was a little surprised at the good will shown after the fight. After all the trash talk that took place, the two were very friendly and sportsmanlike in the ring.

It was a refreshing end to what was a nasty saga.

A powerful left hook was the ultimate undoing of Chisora. There was no controversy about how hard a punch dropped Chisora. He ate a nasty shot and, to his credit, he got back up, but it was temporary.

Haye quickly finished Chisora off with a nasty combination. It looked as if Chisora was out before he hit the canvas.

He again tried to get up, but he didn't have his faculties.

Haye won a nondescript local title, but this was about bragging rights. It can be argued that Haye is right back in the heavyweight title picture.

But the bottom line is that despite this sparkling performance, Haye still looked terrible against Wladimir Klitschko. Putting things into the proper perspective, Chisora is not an elite heavyweight.

The hate between the two fighters only made the fight interesting, not important. The hype was the best thing to happen to the heavyweight division.

It was the first interesting fight in a while, even though we watched for the wrong reasons. It would have been nice if part of the appeal was based on how it effected the title picture.

But I guess this is the best we can get in this era of heavyweights.


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