WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Will Santino's Work Be One of the Night's Highlights

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IJuly 14, 2012


The last time Santino Marella was involved in a multi-man pay-per-view match was in February at the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match. 

That night at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wis., the usually comedic character showed a more "serious" side, going so far as to eliminate two of the match's favored contenders—Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. 

His performance in the match was without a doubt a highlight of the "Milan Miracle's" WWE career and although he would eventually submit to one of Daniel Bryan's "Yes Locks," Marella still managed to outlast all his other competitors, lasting an astonishing 34 minutes and four seconds in the chamber. 

Santino's performance during the match would allow him to become immensely popular among fans—an act that would eventually lead to his capturing of the United States Championship from Jack Swagger. 

Could Santino Marella once again be a breakout star at this Sunday's SmackDown Money in the Bank ladder match? 

Although no one is expecting Marella to win the match, this does not hinder him from having a great match, much like he did in February's PPV.

As a man from whom little is expected, Marella is in the perfect position to once again shock viewers. 

I for one expect Cobra attacks and flying headbutts come Sunday afternoon. Santino Marella may be a clown, but maybe once again the joke will be on all of us.