WWE-TNA-ROH: My Top 15 Moments of the Week (July 8-13)

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJuly 14, 2012

WWE-TNA-ROH: My Top 15 Moments of the Week (July 8-13)

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    Another week of professional wrestling has ended and it was an overall good week.

    TNA Wrestling presented Destination X last Sunday and it was a great pay-per-view. The card delivered from top to bottom, which allowed TNA to put on one of the best PPVs so far this year.

    WWE Money Night Raw was a huge letdown, though. I thought that the show was downright horrid. For being the go-home episode before Money in the Bank, WWE did nothing to make me want to watch the event.

    WWE NXT debuts on the list with a good episode. With a number of good matches and hype for debuting stars, NXT is certainly an impressive show.

    TNA Impact Wrestling delivered a decent show. While there were some good matches, the show did have plenty of negatives.

    WWE Superstars also debuts this week as WWE's online show delivered three good matches, one of which was from the Divas.

    Ring of Honor's July 7 episode of ROH Wrestling only featured two matches this week, but both of them were very good.

    WWE Friday Night SmackDown had Zack Ryder in charge for the night, and it was an overall decent show. Much like TNA, there were a number of good matches, but there were also a number of cons.

    I apologize for disappearing last week, but I was very busy and didn't have the time to put a list together. Things are back on track now as the list now features 15 moments. But I would like for you, the readers, to once again choose what you thought was the best show this week.

    The results from two weeks ago will be revealed later, and you can vote right here for this week!

    It was hard organizing the list this week, but here are my top 15 moments of the week!

No. 15: Darren Young vs. Primo

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    This was actually a pretty decent match, and if it went longer, Darren Young and Primo probably could have put on a good one.

    I've always been a fan of Primo. He's always rather impressive in the ring, but WWE doesn't give him the time to shine that often. With the tag-team division slowly getting back on track and teams getting a little more of the spotlight, he's getting that chance with his cousin Epico.

    I'd like to see him go out on his own, but cruiserweight wrestling is something WWE kind of ignores. If they were to ever reinstate the division, Primo could be a huge star.

    I wasn't too big a fan of Young when he first appeared in WWE on NXT. In fact, there were only a few guys I liked from that first season. Since then, though, Young has improved quite a bit in the ring and continues to do so each week.

    His team with Titus O'Neal is a good one. I like their gimmick. It's something a bit different, and it's certainly something most WWE tag teams don't have. As long as they're kept together and not prematurely disbanded like so many other teams, the division could be built around them in a big way.

No. 14: Abyss Appears in Joseph Park

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    Thursday's Impact Wrestling opened with an anything-goes match between Bully Ray and Joseph Park. The match was basically the same as their encounter at Slammiversary, but there were a few noticeable differences.

    While Park acted like he did at the 10th anniversary show, he behaved differently when a few key moments happened.

    When Bully Ray brought out Abyss' signature thumbtacks, Park choke-slammed him onto them. After Bully Ray eventually got the victory, Park was busted open. Upon seeing the blood, the lawyer from Chicago went into a trance and delivered the Black Hole Slam. When he came out of it, Park was shocked at what had just happened.

    This storyline was beginning to bore me a little bit. Week after week, Bully Ray would scream at Park, Park would stand up to him in some way and it would end with the bully standing tall. The situation on Thursday has gotten me interested once again.

    I can see TNA going one of two ways with this. The first is that Park channeled his brother, Abyss. The Monster could do things Park couldn't, so by acting like him he'd be able to do what he's afraid to do.

    The other is the more obvious choice, which is both men are one in the same. What Bully Ray did to Abyss earlier this year made him snap and create a calmer version of himself, a brother named Joseph Park.

    Seeing things from his past, though, brought the real Abyss out. The thumbtacks and blood caused Abyss to appear and protect his younger brother. I'm willing to bet that it's the latter, but TNA has thrown some curve balls before and it could turn out to be something completely different.

    Either way, TNA has gotten me back into this feud. I can't wait to see where they take it from here.

No. 13: The X-Division

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    The X-Division was in the spotlight at Destination X in a big way as a tournament took place to crown a new X-Division champion. The event featured six matches and each got more exciting as the night went on.

    The show opened with a fatal four-way match featuring the wrestlers who didn't qualify for the tournament, and Mason Andrews won an exciting match. Also featuring Dakota Darsow, Rubix and Lars Only, all four wrestlers delivered a fast-paced match with some nice high-flying moves.

    With Andrews winning the match, he had to immediately face Kid Kash in a tournament match. Andrews delivered again, this time with a veteran of the division. They had a good match. It reminded me how much I like Kash.

    He's an intense presence in the ring, but at the same time, he can wrestle and he can fly when he wants to. With Andrews' performances, I think fans will be seeing more of him.

    Douglas Williams made his return to face the current ROH tag-team champion at the time, Kenny King. They both delivered another good match as Williams proved why he should be featured more often, and King made the most of walking out of ROH with a title.

    His match here, as well as his performance in Ultimate X, should certainly get him a contract with TNA.

    Sonjay Dutt and Rashad Cameron delivered what I thought was the best of the X-Division matches. Dutt truly is the best X-Division wrestler to never win the title and he once again proved that here. Cameron was delivering some nice mat-based wrestling during part of the match and I think he would be a great addition to the roster.

    The only downside of the tournament was the Zema Ion/Flip Cassanova match. Cassanova is sloppy in the ring and his style certainly didn't mix well with Ion.

    The Ultimate X match was a good one. It featured some excellent moves, some nice wrestling and the right choice in who won the title. While I would have liked to see Dutt win, Zema was the overall best choice.

    When Jesse Sorenson is able to return, his feud with Ion is going to be huge. Giving him the title will build him up so that he's more than just the guy who broke Sorenson's neck.

    Zema's victory is going to lead to something huge in the long run.

No. 12: ROH Wrestling, July 7

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    Ring of Honor delivered another good episode here. While there were only two matches and one in-ring segment, both matches were lengthy and quite good while the segment was well done.

    The show opened with Jay Lethal taking on Michael Elgin. Even though the match started out a bit slow, it picked up as it went on. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lethal is one of the most talented wrestlers in the business today.

    I think it's only a matter of time before he's holding the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

    Elgin is impressive in the ring for a man of his size. While he's not huge like a Brodus Clay, he's bulky and is basically all muscle. The man is talented and certainly has a bright future ahead of him.

    Kevin Steen then cut a solid promo in the ring followed by a good one from Jim Cornette as well. I usually find Cornette very annoying on the mic, but he was actually normal here.

    He mentioned how the ROH world title would be on the line every night as long as Steen was champion, and I like the idea. It'll give the title a lot of importance as Steen defends the title against different opponents each night.

    The main event was a title match as Steen defended against Eddie Edwards. This was a great match between two talented wrestlers. With constant back-and-forth action and some good wrestling, Steen and Edwards gave ROH fans a very entertaining match.

    The dueling super kicks toward the end of the match were especially cool to see.

    Ring of Honor continues to deliver week after week with good wrestling matches and solid in-ring segments. I wish that the company had more exposure, though.

No. 11: WWE Superstars

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    WWE Superstars makes its debut on the list as it opened with a good match between Justin Gabriel and Hunico. Gabriel is quite the talented wrestler, but he needs that little extra something to bring himself to the spotlight.

    He has the talent, as well as decent mic skills, but he needs a character that the fans can get behind. I just hope it's not something ridiculous when the time comes.

    Hunico is also impressive inside the ring. Being a cruiserweight, I fear that he'll never be able to escape Superstars and NXT. Gabriel has that same problem as well. Cruiserweights really have no place in the WWE nowadays, which is a huge shame as some of them are the most talented guys WWE has on the roster.

    Hopefully if the WWE Network actually launches, a cruiserweight show will come to light. That way, the Cruiserweight Championship can get reinstated and the many cruiserweight wrestlers on the roster will have something to fight for.

    The Divas appeared next in tag-team action as the Divas of Doom lost to Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn. This was actually a pretty decent match. My only gripe was that it ended with the dreaded Rollup of Doom, which is something most Divas matches end with.

    All four women performed well in this match and it confuses me as to why WWE doesn't give them this time during Raw and SmackDown. They were given a nice amount of time here and were allowed to showcase their talents.

    The Divas division isn't dead, in fact, it's very much alive. It's just that WWE doesn't let it breathe on the two main shows.

    The main event saw Jinder Mahal defeat Alex Riley in another good match. I never thought that the words "good match" would come out of my mouth in terms of Mahal. I've never seen him have a good match, but when I think about it, he's usually getting squashed and doesn't get the chance to wrestle too much on the main shows.

    He showcased skill in this match, which changes my mind completely about him. Riley has always been impressive in the ring. Ever since his time on NXT, A-Ry has been able to deliver. He proved in that in his matches with the Miz, but he was kind of kicked to the curb afterward.

    If he's not on this show or NXT, he's wrestling the pre-show dark match. I think that WWE needs to give him a chance and he'll show them that he can deliver.

    This was the first time in a while that I've watched Superstars and I was quite impressed. The matches were all good, which is something I couldn't say about Raw this week.

    The 45 minutes of action on this show was better than the two hours of Monday Night Raw. In time, I think Superstars is going to end up as my favorite WWE show.

No. 10: Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

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    This match for the TNA Knockouts Championship was a good one. Both women performed well here and presented some nice action throughout the contest.

    Miss Tessmacher has improved a whole lot since her TNA debut. She is probably best known as a member of Kelly Kelly's Extreme Exposé, and that was her wrestling background entering into TNA.

    She started out as Eric Bischoff's assistant, but soon began training as a wrestler. She has come such a long way in the past few years. She exhibited good wrestling ability during this match and sold for Gail Kim quite well, especially during the arm injury. She certainly has proven to deserve this run with the title.

    Gail just continues to prove that she is one of the best, if not the best, wrestler in the Knockouts division. She continually delivers in the ring, no matter who her opponent is.

    Despite being one of the best, I'd like to see her step aside for the rest of the summer. She's been in the spotlight for eight months now, and with many other women sitting on the sidelines, it's time for someone else to have the chance to shine.

    At the same time, as long as she's able to perform as well as she does, her presence in the Knockouts division will always be a welcomed one. I do hope, though, that Tessmacher's opponent for Hardcore Justice will be someone different.

No. 9: A.J.

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    A.J. continues to be one of the best parts of WWE each week. This past Monday on Raw, things took a whole new turn in her storyline.

    The show opened with a solid promo from A.J. and quite the unexpected event. After she called out CM Punk, she got down on one knee and proposed to the WWE champion. Bryan would come out and propose to her and it ended with A.J. stating that she would leave with her "future husband" after the main event.

    After the match, Punk said "no" and got slapped for his response. Bryan also got smacked across the face for his proposal.

    I originally thought that she was downright crazy, but after the events on Monday, my mind is starting to change. Her actions lead me to believe that she knows exactly what she's doing.

    She knew that Punk would say no and she knew that her proposal would lead to Bryan making one of his own. She has a master plan, but that plan has yet to come to light.

    Her role in the WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank is going to be huge. While the match itself should be a great one, A.J. will be the deciding factor.

No. 8: Christian and Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler

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    These four superstars delivered a good tag team match here. With some nice back-and-forth action throughout, Christian, Santino, Rhodes and Ziggler showed that they are ready for Money in the Bank.

    Christian continues to deliver, which is something he's been doing since his return. While I love Captain Charisma in the midcard and hope he remains there for the rest of the summer, I do hope to see him back in the main event by the end of the year.

    Santino performed well here. With the exception of the Cobra, the comedy was kept to a minimum. The United States champion is a talented wrestler; he has proven that many times in the past. His comedy character really drags him down sometimes, though, and it takes away from his ability in the ring. I hope to see a serious Santino Marella at Money in the Bank.

    Both Rhodes and Ziggler continue to prove that they are two of the best in the WWE right now, and two of the favorites in the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank match.

    My pick to win is actually Rhodes, but I would also be happy if Ziggler was to grab the briefcase. Both of them have worked extremely hard over the past year and deserve a spot in the main event.

    With Ziggler already partially in there, I believe it is Rhodes' time to shine.

No. 7: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

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    Thursday's episode of Impact Wrestling featured two matches in the Bound for Glory Series and this one between Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson was the better of the two.

    Angle and Anderson have faced off on multiple occasions during their time in TNA, including a great cage match at Lockdown 2010, and they have learned to work with each other in the ring.

    That's the upside of two wrestlers working together a lot. They know how to work well with one another when the time comes.

    Angle has had two matches in less than a week, which delivered on both occasions. The Olympic gold medalist may be getting older, but he remains one of the best in the business as he continues to have solid matches with everyone he's put in the ring with.

    Some wrestlers lose "it" with age, while some are able to continue to perform well enough to get by. Angle just doesn't get by; he blows most out of water. He strives to still be the best and he continues to be one of the best.

    Anderson seems better than ever. Disappearing after Bound for Glory was a blessing in disguise. He returned rested and ready to go, and has been at the top of his game since then.

    I really hope these two go at it at least one more time during the series. I know they are going to be able to deliver again!

No. 6: Aces and Eights Return to Attack Sting and Hulk Hogan

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    After Slammiversary, Sting was attacked in the middle of the ring by three masked men. There were no developments until last week when Hulk Hogan received a hand of aces and eights playing cards. The group that attacked Sting was coming back and was apparently calling themselves the Aces and Eights.

    Throughout this week's episode, Sting and Hogan were psyching themselves up for a fight, but the fight was brought to them.

    Hogan was attacked backstage while the Stinger was taken down on the ramp by six masked men. This storyline just got a lot more interesting.

    Not only have they targeted Sting, but they have now gone after the general manager. There are so many directions this thing can go now.

    Hogan could be leading this group as the fans didn’t actually see the attack. Bobby Roode is also a possibility since he was literally just in Hogan’s office before the assault. I still think that this will be Jeff Jarrett's return to television. I can see him leading this group.

    Now that there are more members of this stable, that too opens up more possibilities. Are they a group of current TNA talent who feel they're being overshadowed by legends like Hogan and Sting, or can they be entirely new talent coming in?

    This storyline can literally go anywhere right now. I'm loving every second of it and I can't want to see what happens next!

No. 5: WWE NXT

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    WWE NXT makes its debut on the list with the latest episode this past Wednesday. The show opened with an overall good match between Tyson Kidd and Camacho.

    Tyson is such a talented wrestler. He kept the pace of this match up while he was in control and truly overshadowed his opponent the entire match. I'm taking anything away from Camacho, though. It's just that I feel Tyson is the better performer.

    Camacho is good, but he really killed the momentum of the match while he had the upper hand. I think he could perform better if he was in the ring with someone with a similar style to his. The match was good, though it was mostly thanks to Tyson Kidd.

    The vignette for Bray Wyatt was very well-done. This character seems to suit him so much better than the Husky Harris one.

    Justin Gabriel then delivered a good backstage promo followed by a humorous one from Heath Slater. Gabriel wants the feeling of a being a champion again, and I want that as well. Gabriel is a very talented wrestler; he really deserves some kind of a push. Perhaps his team with Tyson Kidd will get back on track.

    Wyatt then squashed Aiden English, and while I'm not a fan of squash matches, I thought Wyatt was impressive in his performance. He also delivered a good promo before the match.

    A Seth Rollins vignette then aired, which I thought was excellent. I can see big things in his future with WWE.

    Richie Steamboat gave a nice little promo backstage, but he was interrupted by someone I didn't recognize. I liked his cocky attitude, though. A number of vignettes aired here as another featuring Raquel Diaz was shown.

    The daughter of Eddie Guerrero will have a "rid the world of ugly people" gimmick. I could swear that I've seen that done before. Hopefully, WWE does it differently than TNA's Beautiful People.

    The main event between the Usos and the Prime Time Players was some good tag-team action. The Usos are probably my favorite tag team in the WWE. They have talent and a gimmick the fans can get behind, but the WWE just doesn't seem to want to push them for some reason.

    The Prime Time Players are starting to impress me as a team. I wasn't sold right away as the only thing they had going for them was a gimmick. They seem to be improving in the ring and as a team, which is a good thing heading into a feud with the tag-team champions.

    This was the first episode of the new NXT that I have seen and I like it. The matches are good, the mic work is solid and developmental wrestlers are getting the chance to shine.

    I don't understand why WWE doesn't have it on their website or YouTube page; the show is quite good.

No. 4: Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho

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    Sheamus and Chris Jericho delivered a good match here. These two superstars went back-and-forth throughout the time they were given. The number of near falls really added to the match as well.

    Both wrestlers were impressive in the ring and they work very well together. Sheamus continues to be quite the world champion. He has had good match after good match with the likes of Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan.

    His match at Money in the Bank with Alberto Del Rio should be another good one, but I think the Celtic Warrior's time as champion may be up.

    Jericho has been at the top of his game since his return earlier this year. While he hasn't exactly been too lucky during this run, he can still perform with the best of them and deliver good matches.

    Whether Sheamus wins or not, I'd like to see these two enter into a feud with one another. The wrestling is good and I feel the mic work could be very entertaining. What happens after Money in the Bank remains to be seen, though, so I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

No. 3: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

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    Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle have faced off on multiple occasions and have never disappointed. This match at Destination X for points in the Bound for Glory Series was no exception.

    While the match wasn't as good as their previous encounters, it was still a solid match from two of TNA's best overall performers. This match put Samoa Joe in the lead of the series, which is a huge change from last year.

    During last year's series, Joe didn't win a single match. Due to a disqualification, he was actually left with negative 10 points by the end of it. The Samoan Submission Machine is finally being used in a way that doesn't waste his talent.

    Samoa Joe is one of the most skilled wrestlers in TNA and it's about time he's given the chance to shine. From the way things look, he'll definitely make it to the final four, but I'm not so sure he'll win the whole thing.

    With the world title situation different now than most thought it would be, the favorite, James Storm, may not be winning after all. Joe has a very good chance, I think.

    Kurt Angle continues to prove that he is still one of the best in the business today. The man just gets better with age. He's another one I think that may be making it to the final four.

    The BFGS is certainly heating up. It's matches like this that makes it the best thing in wrestling during the summer months.

No. 2: A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

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    I'm not sure if can find the words to properly describe this match. A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels have faced each other so many times I've lost count, but each time they deliver a good match.

    With this current feud, their match at last year's Destination X was the best in the storyline. While they delivered every time after that match, they haven't been able to surpass it. Well, they did that with their Last Man Standing match this past Sunday at Destination X.

    Featuring great wrestling, constant back-and-forth action, blood and quite the story, Styles and Daniels gave the fans a show. The blood was a nice touch as it helped in showing how personal this match truly was.

    A part of me is a bit tired of these two feuding non-stop. I feel both of them should be in a title hunt and away from each other.

    Styles is too talented not to be fighting for a title, and Daniels has evolved into a great heel over the past year. While he is a tag champion right now, I think he could, at the very least, help bring the Television Championship to importance.

    At the same time, when they have a match like this, I want to see the feud continue because I know that they are going to be able to do it again.

    This match will certainly be a candidate for "Match of the Year!"

No. 1: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode; Aries Wins the World Title

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    With two talented wrestlers inside the ring, I was expecting a top notch match from them. I was not disappointed as they delivered a great match.

    Roode showed that he can adapt to different styles of wrestling here. He has never faced someone quite like Aries during his reign as champion and he adapted very well. Since becoming champion, Roode has been having top-notch matches with everyone he has faced.

    Whether it is against someone with overall talent like A.J. Styles, someone with an unorthodox style like Rob Van Dam or a legend like Sting, Roode has delivered match after match.

    His reign is now over, though, as the "Greatest Man That Ever Lived" is now the holder of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Aries has had quite the year since his return last July and has risen to the top faster than any other non-former WWE superstar has before. Since his return, he proved time and time again to be one of the best to set foot inside a TNA ring.

    For months he has been overshadowing many others on the roster and it was only a matter of time before this title win happened. The fact that it happened in such a great match just capped it off perfectly. 

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    Thanks for reading! Here are the results from the poll two weeks ago, which was June 25-29.

    TNA Impact Wrestling: 39.8 percent

    WWE SmackDown: 35 percent

    WWE Raw: 19.4 percent

    WWE NXT: 2.9 percent

    ROH Wrestling: 2.9 percent

    WWE Superstars: 0 percent

    The voters have spoken, and they said that TNA Impact Wrestling was the best show two weeks ago! WWE SmackDown wasn't too far behind, though.

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