WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Tyson Kidd and Stars with No Chance to Win at PPV

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistJuly 15, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Money in the Bank is all about opportunity and unpredictability, so it might seem premature to count out certain superstars ahead of Sunday's pay-per-view. At the same time, though, anyone who has watched wrestling for a while can generally see what direction the WWE is heading in. There is always the possibility of a massive swerve, but things generally go as expected.

The World Heavyweight Championship contract ladder match features eight competitors, so there is a lot to consider in that contest, while the WWE Championship contract bout will have four participants. There will also be tilts with the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship on the line, respectively.

There are plenty of possible outcomes, but conventional wisdom states that we can throw a few of them out the window right away.

Here are three superstars that, despite their popularity and high expectations, have no shot at leaving Money in the Bank victorious. 


Tyson Kidd

Thanks to the spectacular matches that he has put on while wrestling for NXT and Superstars over the past several months, Tyson Kidd has developed somewhat of a cult following. As the final graduate of the Hart Dungeon, Kidd obviously knows what it takes to excel in the ring and the wrestling business.

The WWE brass has clearly taken notice of his great work as of late as he was given an upset victory over Jack Swagger to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship contract Money in the Bank ladder match.

Kidd also upset Tensai a couple weeks ago and is being built into the sentimental underdog that all the fans are rooting for. While it would be a great story if Kidd were to win Money in the Bank, it is simply extremely unreasonable to expect that. There are actually a lot of fans who believe it will happen, but that is nothing other than wishful thinking. Kidd wasn't even featured on WWE programming for months on end, so he isn't going to be made a sure-fire, future world champion after being used for a couple weeks. Kidd is a great talent with a bright future, but he has no shot on Sunday.



I tend to think of Kane as the WWE's Swiss army knife. Kane is a guy who has played a heel, a face and everything in between during his 17-year run with the company. He has always been at his best as a dominant, monster heel, but the WWE is usually pretty antsy when it comes to his character. He has already involved into a tweener of sorts and has been getting some good fan support. Kane will be one of four former WWE Champions competing in the WWE Championship contract Money in the Bank ladder match this weekend.

Since it is almost a foregone conclusion that John Cena is going to win, you could put Big Show and Chris Jericho in the "no chance" category as well, but I feel like Kane is the longest shot of the bunch. I could maybe see Big Show since he has been getting a heel push.

Jericho is even a slight possibility since he could disappear with the briefcase when he tours with his band, Fozzy, before returning for a shocking cash-in. Kane is a veteran who serves a good purpose, but he really has no business being around the WWE Championship right now, and I don't expect him to be. 


Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio would seem to be the perfect example of a guy who was given too much by the WWE too soon. He is an immense talent, but he was built into a top-tier guy almost as soon as he debuted and was handed a Royal Rumble win, a Money in the Bank win and two WWE Championship reigns within a year of bursting onto the scene. Del Rio wasn't really given ample time to get over as a WWE Champion, but most view his title runs as failures to this point.

Del Rio will have a chance to ascend to the top of the company once again on Sunday when he challenges Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. The creative team has attempted to make ADR look like a threat to win by having him get the better of Sheamus the past couple weeks, but that is simply a smokescreen. Sheamus has been booked as a dominant champion, while Del Rio has no momentum whatsoever. This is little more than a transitional feud for Sheamus, and I anticipate him taking care of Del Rio without issue.


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