NBA Summer League TV Schedule 2012: Must-Watch Summer League Contests

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIJuly 14, 2012

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JUNE 29:  Tenth pick overall in the 2012 NBA draft by the New Orleans Hornets, Austin Rivers talks to the media at the New Orleans Arena on June 29, 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Exhibition games aren't that bad, right? I mean, sure, you have games that don't matter, competition that lacks star-quality and players who most won't see again.

But what about the passion? What about players fighting for jobs? What about watching the potential stars of the future? 

Those are the real reasons to watch the 2012 NBA Summer League. 

Just in case you do want to take in a few games this summer, here are three that are must-watch games.  



Saturday, July 14: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Sacramento Kings

An old rivalry is renewed. Well, kind of. Los Angeles will square off with Sacramento on July 14 and it's a game that should draw at least some attention.

Not only is this a rivalry dating back to the early-2000s, but it's a game with players trying to establish themselves and others fighting for roster spots.

For Los Angeles, Robert Sacre and Reeves Nelson, among others, are trying to put their stamp on the roster. 

For Sacramento, players like Yancy Gates and Augustus Gilchrist, among others, are trying to prove that they can be viable pieces on an NBA roster.  

And you'll see Jimmer Fredette, so that makes it a bit more exciting. 



Saturday, July 14: Houston Rockets vs. Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal, Jeremy Lamb, Royce White, Chandler Parsons, Terrence Jones, and Chris Singleton, among others, will grace the floor in this game.

Beal gets a chance to prove that he should have been higher in the draft while the loaded Summer League roster of the Rockets get a chance to prove to the organization why they should stay in uniform rather than be traded away potentially for Dwight Howard.

Houston's roster will be a tough test for Beal and company. He will go up against at least three players who will play significant NBA minutes in the future. 

You won't say that often. 



Monday, July 16: New Orleans Hornets vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee boasts a pretty solid lineup whereas New Orleans is being led by Austin Rivers.

These are two good reasons to tune in for this matchup.

Rivers is dynamic with the ball in his hands and it's going to be exciting to watch him attack the rim over and over and over again because that's his mindset.

Milwaukee, led by John Henson, will have one of the more intriguing rosters of the 2012 Summer League. 

With players like Andy Rautins, Larry Sanders, Doron Lamb, Henson, Tobias Harris and Aaron Miles, expect the floor to be littered with players who have great talent.



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Saturday July 14

COX Pavilion

4 p.m.—Memphis vs. New York
6 p.m.—Golden State vs. Denver
8 p.m.—LA Lakers vs. Sacramento
10 p.m.—Houston vs. Washington 


Sunday July 15

COX Pavilion

4 p.m.—New York vs. Phoenix
6 p.m.—Denver vs. Dallas
8 p.m.—San Antonio vs. Atlanta
10 p.m.—Washington vs. NBA D-League


Thomas & Mack

6:30 p.m.—Toronto vs. Miami
8:30 p.m.—Cleveland vs. Charlotte
10:30 p.m.—New Orleans vs. Portland 


Monday July 16

COX Pavilion

4 p.m.—Atlanta vs. Boston
6 p.m.—Dallas vs. Toronto
8 p.m.—Cleveland vs. NBA D-League
10 p.m.—LA Clippers vs. Minnesota


Thomas & Mack

6:30 p.m.—Houston vs. Sacramento
8:30 p.m.—LA Lakers vs. Miami
10:30 p.m.—Milwaukee vs. New Orleans 


Tuesday July 17

COX Pavilion

4 p.m.—Denver vs. New York
6 p.m.—Washington vs. Memphis
8 p.m.—Portland vs. Houston
10 p.m.—Chicago vs. Boston 


Thomas & Mack

6:30 p.m.—San Antonio vs. LA Lakers
8:30 p.m.—Cleveland vs. Phoenix
10:30 p.m.—Minnesota vs. Charlotte 


Wednesday July 18

COX Pavilion

4 p.m.—Milwaukee vs. Washington
6 p.m.—Chicago vs. Houston
8 p.m.—Atlanta vs. Dallas
10 p.m.—San Antonio vs. LA Clippers 


Thomas & Mack

6:30 p.m.—Sacramento vs. Toronto
8:30 p.m.—New Orleans vs. Phoenix
10:30 p.m.—Golden State vs. Miami 


Thursday July 19

COX Pavilion

4 p.m.—New York vs. Toronto
6 p.m.—Portland vs. Atlanta
8 p.m.—Cleveland vs. Minnesota
10 p.m.—NBA D-League vs. Milwaukee 


Thomas & Mack

6:30 p.m.—Boston vs. Sacramento
8:30 p.m.—LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers
10:30 p.m.—Charlotte vs. Denver 


Friday July 20

COX Pavilion

4 p.m.—New York vs. Cleveland
6 p.m.—Denver vs. Portland
8 p.m.—Miami vs. San Antonio
10 p.m.—NBA D-League vs. Phoenix 


Thomas & Mack

6:30 p.m.—Memphis vs. Charlotte
8:30 p.m.—Chicago vs. Golden State
10:30 p.m.—Dallas vs. New Orleans 


Saturday July 21

COX Pavilion

4 p.m.—Portland vs. Miami
6 p.m.—Dallas vs. San Antonio
8 p.m.—NBA D-League vs. Minnesota
10 p.m.—Memphis vs. Phoenix 


Thomas & Mack

6:30 p.m.—Golden State vs. New Orleans
8:30 p.m.—Chicago vs. LA Clippers
10:30 p.m.—Milwaukee vs. Boston 


Sunday July 22

COX Pavilion

4 p.m.—Chicago vs. Milwaukee
6 p.m.—Boston vs. LA Clippers
8 p.m.—Memphis vs. Minnesota

*NBA TV will televise all 60 games, 39 of which will be live.