Best/Worst Case Scenarios for Money in the Bank

Justin Hartling@@footballcanuckCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2012

Best/Worst Case Scenarios for Money in the Bank

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    With WWE's Money in the Bank fast approaching, it is time to think about what could possibly happen this Sunday.

    If there is one PPV that shapes the entire WWE title picture it is Money in the Bank.

    When the superstars walk into the US Airways Center in Phoenix on Sunday they know that there is a chance that they will have an almost guaranteed title reign. 

    For each match on the card this Sunday, there is a best and worst case scenario. This will be a brief examination of both scenarios for every match.

Youtube Match: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. Hunico and Camacho

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    Best Case Scenario

    This match is a solid 10-15 minute affair to get the crowd into the PPV. With so few matches on this years card, it will be important to make every match count.

    Ideally, and realistically, Kofi and Truth will win this match. The best situation would be an appearance from the Prime Time Players who are still the number one contenders for the tag belts (if that even matters anymore).

    Worst Case Scenario

    Hunico and Camacho win cleanly after Kofi and Truth start fighting over who will be more irrelevant after their tag run. Then we get a convoluted mess where three different teams, who nobody really cares about, will be continuously feuding in an endless loop on Smackdown.

WWE Championship Money in the Bank

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    Best Case Scenario

    The entire WWE staff finally realizes that a ladder match with two giant slow guys, a wrestler who never leaves his feet and an over-the-hill blinking billboard can't pull off a match like this by themselves.

    The WWE collectively says screw it to the Raw 1000th episode and brings back Rey Mysterio and The Miz to add some excitement to this underwhelming match.

    With that being said, in a bizarre twist of fate the arena is hit with a sudden hive of locusts and none of these men win the Money in the Bank. Allowing CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to continue feuding.

    Worst Case Scenario

    It's simple...

    The Big Show wins.

World Heavyweight Money in the Bank

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    Best Case Scenario

    Lor....oh I mean just Tensai's facial "tattoos" gets infected and he can't compete in the match. Then Damien Sandow destroys Santino thus eliminating him from the competition.

    This leaves a scenario where it is Ziggler, Christian, Sandow, Rhodes and Kidd.

    Christian and Ziggler immediately start fighting over who has the greasiest golden hair. Sandow and Rhodes start arguing about who wears the prettiest robe to the ring ( and yes what Rhodes wears is a robe).

    Tyson Kidd scurries up the ladder and grabs the briefcase winning a World Heavyweight title opportunity where he will be flattened by Sheamus when he attempts to cash it in.

    Worst Case Scenario

    Vickie Guerrero comes down to the ring and screws over Ziggler by using her seductive prowess. This allows Tensai to team up with Vicke and become ever more useless and annoying. Thus forcing Ziggler to make Albert look good in a ring. 

    Santino wins after all the other wrestlers get into an argument about where Santino is really from. Eventually Santino cashes in the briefcase after a grueling title match and though he tries to be heel he just brings shame to the title.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

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    Best Case Scenario

    Alberto Del Rio accidentally crashes his $100 million dollar car thus giving him whiplash. Despite the medical team's insistence, ADR continues down to the ring. Sheamus Brogue Kick's ADR thus literally kicking his head clean off.

    Despite this set back, ADR will continue to be pushed as the next main eventer.

    Worst Case Scenario

    Sheamus admires ADR's car so much that he can't stop looking at it during the match. Inevitably this leads to a moment where Sheamus goes for a desperation Brogue Kick. Though he misses ADR he hits Ricardo Rodriguez causing Ricardo to snap and beat everyone with a chair.  

    This would lead to a useless Ricardo vs Del Rio feud that nobody would ever want to watch (I would seriously prefer to watch the Finger of Death over and over).

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

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    Best Case Scenario

    Punk and Bryan have a 60 minute shootout with AJ being a fair and impartial referee.

    Worst Case Scenario

    In a bizarre twist Kane, who won the Money in the Bank briefcase earlier in the night, gives it to AJ after the match. AJ then pins Bryan, who won the match becoming the WWE champion.  

    AJ goes on to successfully defending the belt, thanks in large part to Kane and the overwhelming pressure from fans for neither male wrestler to hit a girl.

    Then AJ goes on to become one of the longest reigning WWE champions ever.

The Shenanigans Are over

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    So that's the absolute best and worst case scenarios for every match July 15th at Money in the Bank.

    Do you think I'm insane?

    Do you kind of like it?

    Don't you just want to leave and comment venting your polarizing opinions of me?

    Thanks for reading

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