WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Predictions: John Cena Will Grab Ladder Match Win

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistJuly 14, 2012

Photo via WWE.com
Photo via WWE.com

John Cena and Money in the Bank.

The two have never met before, until this Sunday night in what is destined to be a thrilling Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a WWE Championship Contract.

Cena will be making his first-ever appearance in the MITB ladder match—and he has some stiff competition.

The seemingly unstoppable Big Show has been a force of late, while Chris Jericho and Kane are no slouches, either. All four contestants are former WWE champions.

It doesn’t matter; Cena is going to climb atop the ladder and grab the briefcase containing the contract, guaranteeing a shot at the champion (who will most likely still be CM Punk).

It’s no secret that Cena has been stuck in gimmick matches for the last handful of PPVs, with no real goal or direction in mind. He hasn’t held the WWE Championship belt since October 2011. Punk has held the title since November of last year, and it's starting to become a stale act.

It’s not Punk's fault, that’s just how the WWE universe works.

Cena is the face of the WWE, he has to stay relevant.

Tossing him in the ring against John Laurinaitis was ridiculous. It’s time to get him back on track and on the ropes against the champion. Nobody moves the needle quite like Cena, and it’s time to give him a shot to once again hold the championship belt.

Why won’t the other contestants win?

Jericho seems to already have one foot out the door as his band Fozzy inches closer to touring. His days in the WWE are limited, and an extended feud seems highly unlikely when you factor in the played-out rivalry he had with Punk that dragged on for months earlier this year.

Kane has won at MITB before, but the buzz has been rather lukewarm for him lately as he slowly got phased out of the bizarre love triangle with A.J., Punk and Daniel Bryan.

A Kane win would be a complete shocker.

That leaves Big Show as the only real contender.

WWE has pushed him hard in the past few weeks, and he has looked rather unstoppable. Yet for the first time in quite a while, he looked vulnerable by losing a tag-team match with Jericho to Cena and Kane on Monday Night RAW this past week.

In what is sure to be a preview of coming attractions, it was Cena and Big Show who decided the outcome.

Considering the athleticism it takes to make legit wrestling moves on a ladder while hovering above the ground, there is no way the 440-pound Big Show can last very long.

It’s going to come down to these two, and I think the potential Cena-Punk storyline at SummerSlam is too good to pass up.

Cena wins the eventful and dangerous match, and the trash talking to Punk begins.