What Do You Know? Summer Olympics Trivia : BR5

BR5Daily ShowJuly 13, 2012
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With the Olympics coming up, we at BR5 wanted to find out if the rest of the world was as excited as we were for the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England.

When you need a place that has tons of people, you go to New York City, and when you need a place in New York City where people are running around 24/7, you go to Times Square.

So, we took our wacky BR5 duo of Desi Sanchez and Andrea Feczko to Times Square in New York City to find out just how excited America is for the Olympics.

We met lots of great people along the way: Midwesterners, New Yorkers and internationals. Along with chatting them up about their Olympic excitement, we figured it might be a good idea to find out how much the good ole USA knows about the Olympic games. The results were mixed, but there was no short supply of zany answers and downright confusion.

You folks at home can play along too. Here were a few of the questions we asked. Without looking it up on Wikipedia, do you know how many Olympic rings there are? How about what colors they are? How many Team USA Olympians can you name?

Not as easy without Wikipedia, is it? Don’t feel too bad, the folks in Times Square struggled a bit too. So what do you think? Did we make the questions too easy? Too hard? What would you have asked? Comment below! Have a great weekend guys!