Your Best 11 Tweets of the Week: EA's NCAA 2013 and CAPS LOCK FRIDAY

Erin SorensenContributor IJuly 13, 2012

Photo credit: EA Sports
Photo credit: EA Sports

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When EA Sports released NCAA 2013 this week, it was all anyone could talk about. From simulating the entire 2012 season to putting random quarterbacks on teams they do not belong on, it was a highly unproductive week for anything else. If you weren't playing NCAA 2013, you were missing out.

Not ones to miss out on all the fun, college football players everywhere joined in. Florida State's EJ Manuel is no exception.

Why do I keep getting asked about dreads on this video game? Lol ask EA Sports please

— EJ Manuel (@EJManuel3) July 11, 2012

Well, technically EA can't use "exact" players in their game. They can use their "likeness," but they cannot make them exact models. Apparently adding dreadlocks to Manuel was the answer for Florida State's roster. Either that or EA is trying to tell him something. Try it out, Manuel. It may be a good look for you.

Clemson's Sammy Watkins was also having a blast with NCAA 2013 this week. What player did he choose to play with?

— NO PRESSURE (@SammyWatkins7) July 10, 2012

Of course Watkins picked himself. If I was in a video game, I'd choose myself, too. That is maybe the coolest thing that could ever happen (in my opinion). So enjoy your virtual self, Watkins. You earned it.

Aside from NCAA 2013, this week also has Friday the 13th, which is today. Many people are superstitious, and it does tend to bring out the crazies.


— De'ANTHONY THOMAS (@BLACPOLO6) July 13, 2012


Apparently Oregon's De'Anthony Thomas was concerned we did not know it was Friday the 13th and was curious if we were all scared. Thomas is not scared though. LOUD NOISES!