British Open 2012: Adjustments Tiger Woods Must Make from Previous Years

Daniel ZhuContributor IJuly 18, 2012

British Open 2012: Adjustments Tiger Woods Must Make from Previous Years

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    Tiger Woods has won the British Open three times, and this week he'll be looking to add a fourth Claret Jug to his name.

    Woods last Open victory was in 2006, but since then he has struggled to find the game to win another.

    This year, however, with three wins on Tour already, Woods should have plenty of confidence heading into the championship.

    Woods' ball striking is as good as it ever was and he is no longer battling swing issues, so he can go out there and play golf.

    However, there are a few things Tiger needs to adjust from his past British Opens if he is to walk away with his fourth trophy. 

Be Aggressive

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    The past few years at the British Open, Tiger Woods has not been aggressive enough to conquer the golf course.

    In 2009 Woods missed the cut, and in 2010 he managed to put on a mediocre T. 23 showing.

    Tiger seems to be playing the Open Championship as though it were a U.S. Open. He's respecting par while other players are not, and making birdies.

    If you take a look at the years Woods has captured the Open Championship his final score has always been double digits under par.

    In the year 2000 he was 19-under-par, 14-under-par in 2005, and 18-under-par in 2006.

    Now, Woods needs to find the same aggressiveness that led him to three Open titles and give himself good birdie chances if he wants to win this year.

Revert to the 2-Iron Stinger off the Tee

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    The Tiger Woods of old could hit the ball a mile and keep it dead center in the fairway.

    The Tiger Woods of new, can still hit the ball a long ways, but can't keep it in the fairway as often.

    It's time to face the truth that Tiger has been struggling with his driver ever since he decided to change his swing. He's not as consistent as he used to be, and struggles to hit the club straight.

    Woods is much better off hitting his three wood or his two-iron stinger off the tee, especially at Royal Lytham where the conditions will be tough.

    Now, Tiger needs to sacrifice some distance for the accuracy that is essential for playing a links style golf course.

    If he can pick his points off the tee, and hit a fairway wood or long iron, Woods will have much better angles and shots heading into the green.

Work the Ball with a Draw

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    Tiger's natural shot is a slight fade or cut; at least that's been the shot he's been working on the past year or so.

    The fade is working for Woods, no doubt about it, but Tiger could be even better if he reverts to a little baby draw.

    In the past, he used to play both shots, but now he's heavily dependent on the cut shot.

    If you ever watch Tiger Woods hit the ball, he finds the fairway more often with a little draw and seems to be more consistent hitting the right to left shot.

    Then again, the fade is not bad for Woods, but a draw could be even better for Tiger who is looking to win his fourth Open Championship this week.