A-Rod, You're Forgiven

Derick JelleyContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

On Tuesday afternoon A-Rod extended a hand to his teammates, fans, and Major League Baseball and apologized for his actions.  His was not the gesture of a handshake but the upturned hands of someone asking for forgiveness.

Early on in Alex's statement, before answering questions from reporters, he said he made a stupid mistake and learned from it.  He set a tone of being open and remorseful in the first minute of his statement.

This attitude continued for the question answer session where he answered questions openly and if he couldn't fully answer a question, he gave a reason as to why.

A-Rod finally gave us a description of his steroid use, an apology, and a hint of his plan to help make sure youth learn about the dangers of steroids.  He went so far to mention that he used a substance called "Ripped Fuel" that was later banned.

Several players have been suspended for steroid use and many more have been linked to it, but, with the exception of Andy Pettitte, no one has owned up to it and been as willing to admit their guilt as A-Rod.  He could have told us it was an isolated incident and that was the only time but he didn't.  He explained how he used the substance for three years.

It's time to forgive A-Rod.  While Michael Phelps' crime may be less heinous he has been forgiven without much question at all, and remember, he's 24, about the same age as A-Rod was during the steroid use.

A-Rod has said he is prepared to deal with the mess he made.  He said, "I'm the one that screwed up, no one else."  

He's going to face a lot of harsh words this season, from fans and media alike, but I, for one, have forgiven him.