WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Will We See Another Winner Cash in Quick?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJuly 14, 2012

Picture: WWE
Picture: WWE

Money in the Bank is quickly approaching and the 12 men involved in the two ladder matches are preparing for one of the most grueling matches they will compete in all year.

With the legacy of every winner of a briefcase successfully cashing in to become a World Champion, it would seem that a win in one of these matches is an instant push. Many superstars have held onto their cases for months, but a select few have cashed in within a very short amount of time, once within the same night as the MITB match itself.

Kane won one of the coveted cases and cashed it in on Rey Mysterio the same night to become World Heavyweight Champion.

The possibility of this happening creates numerous scenarios.

If CM Punk retains his title against Daniel Bryan we could end up seeing him lose it right away to the winner of the Raw ladder match, whereas if Bryan becomes Champion he could suffer from another embarrassing record, being the shortest reigning champion in history.

The same can be said for Sheamus, who is facing Alberto Del Rio for the title on Sunday. Will he retain only to fall right away or will Del Rio become another one-night champion?

I would expect WWE to have one of the winners cash in within 24 hours, either on the same night or on the following Raw, simply so the creative team does not have to add what are essentially two title holders to the current storyline direction.

The holder of the case is often already looked at as a champion while bringing it down to the ring with them and having two men walking around with the cases for an extended period of time might be something WWE wants to avoid.

What will be interesting to see is the order of the matches. Whatever title has the corresponding MITB match occur before it then it makes the immediate cash in a very likely possibility.

If the matches line up we could see a complete overhaul in the title scene. If both winners were to cash in right away then it would shake things up significantly in the title picture,

MITB is slowly becoming one of the more unpredictable events of the year—anyone winning seems possible and you never know who will leave with the top titles of WWE.

Who do you think will win the cases on Sunday, and do you think anyone will cash in right away to claim championship glory?