Tracy McGrady to Remain with Rockets

Trey SmithContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

Rockets owner Les Alexander publicly stated that the team will not trade Tracy McGrady, despite a number of rumors to the contrary. His rationale involves the scarcity of superstars and T-Mac's ability to step up his game during the Playoffs.

Tonight, T-Mac will make $250,000 as he sits out against the Nets. He can no longer elevate, and the team plays better without him. Houston should hope there's any team willing to take McGrady's contract so that they can cut ties and move forward.

To Alexander's credit, he has given the Rockets every chance to win. He's gone out and acquired players like Pippen, Barkley, McGrady, Clyde, and Artest. He does whatever is asked of him by those he trusts, and he deserves to win.

But his loyalty to McGrady is hard to understand. He's no longer a superstar, he misses more games than he plays, and has simply lost his effectiveness. When he was acquired, it was a great move, but it hasn't panned out.