Marc Daley's NCAA Bracket Special: T-Minus 5 Days and Counting!!

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 11, 2008

In the spirit of the most wonderful time of the year (sorry Johnny Mathis), I will be updating my bracket projections on a daily basis. 

For today's edition we don't have a lot of movement at the top. 

In fact, no changes at all until you get to the 7 seeds, where South Alabama tested the Sally Field theory and decided to see if the committee loves them (really, really loves them.) Gonzaga kept their seed but moves Eastward, Ho!!

Because of the Zags shenanigans, Temple says bye-bye while San Diego says hello.  And, no, they will not be renaming their team after a female whale's reproductive organs despite the efforts of Ron Burgundy fans.

Davidson stays the same place, but gets the CAPS LOCK despite the best efforts of Elon.

Enough babbling, here's the names and places.


(1) UNC v. (16) Alabama St./Sacred Heart

(2) Georgetown v. (15) American

(3) Xavier v. (14) AUSTIN PEAY

(4) Michigan State v. (13) GEORGE MASON

(5) Stanford v. (12) Ole Miss

(6) Indiana v. (11) Kansas State

(7) Gonzaga v. (10) Kentucky

(8) UNLV v. (9) West Virginia


(1) Memphis v. (16) Morgan State

(2) Duke v. (15) UMBC

(3) Vanderbilt v. (14) SIENA

(4) Butler v. (13) CORNELL

(5) Notre Dame v. (12) Western Kentucky

(6) Marquette v. (11) New Mexico

(7) Oklahoma v. (10) St. Mary's

(8) Southern Cal v. (9) UMass


(1) Tennessee v. (16) WINTHROP

(2) Texas v. (15) Portland St.

(3) Wisconsin v. (14) BELMONT

(4) UConn v. (13) Stephen F. Austin

(5) BYU v. (12) Arizona

(6) Washington State v. (11) Arkansas

(7) Pitt v. (10) South Alabama

(8) Miami (Fla.) v. (9) Illinois State


(1) UCLA v. (16) Boise State

(2) Kansas v. (15) CS-Santa Barbara

(3) Louisville v. (14) SAN DIEGO

(4) DRAKE v. (13) Oral Roberts

(5) Purdue v. (12) Virginia Tech

(6) Clemson v. (11) DAVIDSON

(7) Kent State v. (10) Dayton

(8) Miss. State v. (9) Baylor