Training Camp Dreams: The Tennessee Titans' Ideal Training Camp Scenario

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistJuly 13, 2012

Win the day, Jake
Win the day, JakeGrant Halverson/Getty Images

NFL coaches don't get much sleep during the season, but in the month of July, they catch up and sleep like the dead.

For Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak, what dreams may come in that sleep of death hardly puzzles the will, and we will not pause in imparting them to you.

Here's what the perfect training camp would look like for the Titans.


Jake Locker Would Be Magnificent

While it seems that Matt Hasselbeck has the pole position for the starting job, the fact that the Titans haven't come out and just named him the winner means they are at least open to the idea of Locker rising up and grabbing it.

If Locker could come out sharp and force the team to play him Week 1, the Titans would be thrilled. Locker raises the ceiling for what the 2012 Titans can become.

Hasselbeck isn't a bad option, but he's a limited one. Obviously, Tennessee believes there's no limit to what Locker can accomplish when he's ready.

If he could prove he's ready now, Munchak will sleep much easier come the regular season.


Zach Brown Would Hit

Brown has the capacity to be an explosive player. He's gifted with size and athleticism. If he develops a mean streak and a taste for contact, he could become a play-making linebacker capable of changing games.

The Titans don't have the most talent up front to rush the passer with, so they are going to have to rely on dynamic play from their linebackers. A speedy player like Brown would be devastating weapon against quarterbacks, but only if he has a taste for hitting running backs in the hole.

If camp arrives and Brown can shed the "soft" tag he's been slapped with, he'll see far more action, and the Titans will have added a defensive weapon with the potential of elevating the overall level of play of the unit.


Kevin Matthews Would Win the Starting Center Job

The thought of going through another season with Eugene Amano in the middle is a nightmare for the Titans. Munchak is clearly giving Matthews every opportunity to prove he deserves the position.

There is no name in the history of linemen that carries the kind of weight that Matthews does. Munchak would rest easy knowing another Matthews boy was starting for his team.

He has to win the job, however. Amano's biggest weakness was in run blocking. The Titans were just awful pounding the ball up the middle, and they need more push from the center spot.

Matthews is a little lighter than Amano, but not dramatically. For a team looking to improve the run game, he's going to have to win the job on technique and skill. The staff can't use an excuse like "bulk" or size to make the switch. He'll have to win it because he's the better player.