Stop Hating On Joe Burgett

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 17, 2009

Do you have a life or are you going to keep ripping on the guy at the top. If you don't like him write articles about the subject at hand don't bad mouth Joe.

 Joe is passionate and that's why he writes that's why he is NUMBER 1.

Every day it'd Joe this and Joe that I don't like Joe so i am going to talk about him.

Who is the person with no life.

Now your going to say why you writing about him because I am let you know this isn't about Joe this about WRESTLING not JOE.

You need to realize that like I said about we can say what ever we want well we can but when your talking about WRESTLING the subject at hand then talk about that if you want to go talk about Joe then go on Myspace, Facebook, and if you have no life go start a website called WE HATE JOE and you know what you can put behind that WE HAVE NO LIFE.

I mean really really is that all you want to do is talk about Joe day in and day out stop hating if you don't like him take over the top spot.

There is a reason why he is on top and your not cause he writes articles about wrestling and not Joe.

Joe is good in my book cause he has a passion for something and he speakes his mind and really if you want to bad mouth me because of this article then go ahead because you know what I am doing is moving up the ladder fast i started on here a month ago I'm already NUMBER 17 so what does that tell you.

-Adrian Staehle TELLING IT LIKE IT IS.