Don't Disturb the Dancing Guy

bianca solariContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

For any Flyers fan who has experienced a game in in the Wachovia Center, you know "the dancing guy." Also known as Shawny Hill or Dancing Shawny.

Flyers fans look up to him way up in the nosebleeder seats and on the big screen for his dance moves. When third period rolls around and the music starts pumping the most common phrase heard in the arena is: "the dancing guy!"

On Saturday December 13th, the Flyers took on rivals Pittsburgh Penguins.

Third period, Flyers were up 5-1. On came the dancing guy.

Then, a Penguins fan stands up in front of Shawny and starts dancing. Boos came from the crowd. Then the camera starts shaking on the Big Screen and every fan in the arena is on their feet.


Flyers fans take it seriously when someone, especially a Penguins fan, interrupts the Dancing Guy.

The two fans are torn apart by security and the Penguins fan is taken away from the arena, while the Flyers fan indulges in the cheers from the crowd.

So next time you're in Philadelphia, not cheering for our team...

Don't disturb the Dancing Guy.